South Dakota state rep fired from job after posting "All Lives Splatter" meme


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Of course she’s not baffled. She’s mad that she faced consequences.


The old, “I’m sorry if people took offense” apology, eh? In other words…“I’m not sorry about the insanely offensive views I hold and will continue to hold, and to spout, inciting hatred and division; but I’m simply just sorry that you don’t share them.”


I mentioned to someone on twitter yesterday about this…I do not want protesters just blocking streets on their own. I think it is a dangerous thing. That is not to say streets cannot be cornered off for protests…that is absolutely the right way for it to be done. Either way it is never acceptable for someone in a car to run someone down, and it is not acceptable to wish it or make light of it at all. While I am glad she is been fired, I wish the punishment was more severe.

I was thinking how it astounds me that children play soldier or war or space marines in a school yard and pretend their fingers are weapons and its all “zero tolerance suspend them!” Adults say stupid things like this and “Oh I’m sorry if you were offended” is supposed to be good enough. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t grown ass adults be held to a higher standard and expectation and face stricter and more severe consequences than an apology?


Tiny brain to go with that tiny head.


No matter what Christstains say, the real religion of Republicans is Lyingbastardism.


What a bonehead.


Someone should tell these assholes why protesters blocking roads is so powerful.

They should all simply be reminded of this:


It may seem strange that an elected lawmaker wouldn’t understand what laws are supposed to do, but this is what comes from GOP politicians spending 35 years of their paying attention to Libertarians who bleat “all regulations ba-a-a-ad.”


I hate this more that almost any other thing people say. I’m sorry if YOU were HURT by what I DID… that’s really been bad for ME since you said something. I accept your wrongness though and forgive you, it’s too bad my completely blameless actions triggered YOU.

The dreaded notpology.

Also… anyone with social abilities so poor that they genuinely cannot understand what was wrong with that post should not hold any kind of political office because they lack the basic qualifications and capacities.


There is this thing with some politicians of never admitting a mistake because your enemies can use it against you. The results are gaslighting, non-apologies, and quagmires.


Oh, lovely. The classic “I’m sorry you were offended” non-apology. The circle is complete.


What the FUCK is it with Republicans??? I can’t even…


She’s confused about her own explanation. She seems to think they’re mutually exclusive.

"I perceived it as encouraging people to stay out of the street…”

by means of

“…insinuating support or condoning people being hit by cars”


The facade is crumbling; this is who they always were, only now they don’t care enough to even try to keep up the pretense.


Yeah, I think the point is to make yourself visible, to make citizens who are obstructed think a bit, and to make the government think about what it could do about the protests (that is, other than arresting them or gunning them down).

All that seems to have been lost in the US (and probably in other democracies).


“I perceived it differently. I perceived it as encouraging people to stay out of the street.”
“…or else I’ll murder them with my car.”

Totally legit as long as that last part is only implied, right? Nobody could possibly be crafty enough to put those pieces together.


Flipside: Better that these animals reveal themselves. Quoting Robert Graves…