Smalltown mayor resigns after bigoted Facebook posts


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West York, PA

Ah this explains everything.


I assume that includes the pale jeans and oversized sweatshirt straight out of 1987.


Who would have thought there would be racists in a 95% white state? With local officials like these its a wonder that they can’t manage to get rid of their racist Governor.


West York and York County are both about 95% white. Pennsylvania is 80% white.


Well, generally speaking, I mean I’ve asked my friends about this and whatnot…but people will usually label you as…I’m just spitballing here…a racist who shouldn’t be holding public office.


We need more small town politicians like Duke!


Mayor Duke for President!


Here I was, misreading that as York, ME.


Mainers are good people by and large. Governor LePage is a problem, but most people there didn’t vote for him. He will be gone soon enough.


Care to guess what ticket he ran under?


I really like how the mayor is describing the outrage aimed at him as a “witch-hunt.” Is it a witch-hunt if the witch starts off the whole thing by volunteering, “Yeah, I’m a witch. I kidnapped and ate those children and used their bones to do black magic. What of it?”


You can’t blame him for that part. It still is 1987 in West York, PA.


Well, I guess he can get some credit for having a coffee in his hand instead of a Budweiser tall boy…


Is that near Scarfolk?


Personally I wouldn’t vote Duke for dogcatcher.

(Because obvious conflict of interest.)


Are you saying he couldn’t do the job just because he’s a dog? Not all dogs are strays. #NotAllDogs



A white “pure breed” named Duke? I think we’ve had quite enough of that kind of influence in government…


Not until we get the lab results back. Until then he is sipping White Lightening out of that thar cup.