Oklahoma mayor defends husband who wore KKK costume

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For fuck’s sake. That’s really all I can say about this.


Clearly this was a dumb idea but then doubling down on it with ‘"four good ol’ boys sitting around drinking and things got out of control.’ How many times was this the excuse heard around there to justify something horrible?


Worst apology ever.
Seriously, I’m surprised as a political figure, she didn’t try to spin it whatsoever. She essentially defended an entire hate movement.


“They basically had a stick on fire,” she said. “They were holding it up next to the cross.”

So this is just the racist version of the “I’m not touching you” game that kids do to annoy their siblings.



You know a simple ‘In retrospect this was obviously as really dumb idea made dumber by adding booze to the mix. We were not thinking it through and are very sorry’ would be fine
But nooooo gotta double down on it with a non-apology.


Right. It’s like taking “that’s not mine” to new heights.
Stupid fucking dickheads.
Wait till we get more “reports” that these fellas “aren’t racist”.

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I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.


Almost worse…

When the fecal storm really gets going, come out with the apology that should have been delivered in the first place…


They had a couple of white robes just laying around for special occasions, I guess.


(some of these links might be difficult to un-see, friends)
Just the good ol’ boys
Never meanin’ no harm
Beats all you’ve ever saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born

Straightenin’ the curves
Flatnin’ the hills
Someday the mountain might get 'em
But the law never will

Makin’ their way
The only way they know how
That’s just a little bit more
Than the law will allow

Just good ol’ boys
Wouldn’t change if they could
Fightin’ the system
Like a true modern day Robin Hood


Disturbing that you were able to compile so many links. More disturbing, I’m sure there’s plenty more what all this came from.


One of the weird things about the KKK is that it is a religious extremist terrorist organization that has a known history of killing Americans, but it is quite public for all that. I shied away from MOST of the overtly violent images, and peppered a few links to articles in there, too, just to keep folks clickin’. :wink:


I grew up in the South, and the phrase “good ole’ boys” has many connotations, none of them being in good taste or common sense but most definitely having a consensus of agreement that has to do with a particular race.


On Inside Edition, no less. Fucking Christ up a dog’s ass.


Racists (the active ones, not the latent one) are not seeing a reason to hide their true feelings anymore, because the more covert racism being spewed by the mainstream republican party. Racism is now just another viewpoint in polite society, not an ideology to be shunned.


Oklahoma is NOT OK!


Between this and the continued instances of blackface and nazi costumes, it’s clear that there’s something inherently wrong with your culture if you bumble into such blatantly offensive activities merely by combining alcohol, friends, and boredom.

On the upside, this makes the terrible karaoke that my brother performs when he’s drunk seem like much less of a bad decision.


“Sit around the bonfire and drink a couple of beers and thought well my buddy his last name is White and the subject got brung (sic) up”

I get a headache just reading that. Ladies and gentlemen, our education dollars at work!

All this story is missing is a “and then my buddy said, ‘here, hold my beer…’”

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