Oklahoma dads sue bigoted town leaders for endangering their lives


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/10/oklahoma-dads-sue-bigoted-town.html


Hmmm…well North Korea is itching for an “American” target, I have an idea how we can help each other out.

National Rifle Association TV host says his request for North Korea to nuke California was a "joke"

Sounds like Sessions’ sort of people.


Sounds like this town is full of losers who are really dead set on showing they have no case in court and will have to pay a lot of money for the damage they’ve done.

It bears a striking similarity to stories I’ve heard about how the south was like during the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

It didn’t fly then, it won’t fly now.

With any luck the feds will firehose down the mayor, and set the dogs on the fire department. That’s what they really ought to get.


I can’t even. Who, what how. I mean just.


Unbelievable that people would act like this, just cause the son is a POC. Just wait till the courts are packed with bigots, thanks to Twitler. Suits like this will get thrown out left and right.


That’s really f’d up.

It took some guts for them to move out there in the first place. Moving to a “small town in Oklahoma” would raise red flags for most people these days.

I hope the assholes get what’s coming to them. 'murica, ain’t it grand? /s


The town appears to have been so hateful of anyone different from them, that the thought of litigation never entered their heads. Brain dead.




No, we should really reach out and try to understand the points of view of these (presumably) Trump supporters /s


Christ, what the town did to that family is so fucked up. What douchebags.


I read it as his house was firebombed. The statement about the garage window breaking followed by the statement about a fire in the garage.

Compounded by all the parties (except the fire department) there to watch the carnage.

There’s nothing in the story to show how much time passes or when those people showed up. But, it seems to me, one of them is a very likely suspect in starting the fire. Why else would they just happen to be there.

If you’re thinking about, and actually acting on, fire bombing someone’s house to drive them away or worse, thinking about litigation is already something that’s been skipped and is long past worrying about.


Take everything they own.


Seriously. Seinfeld went to prison for less.


Labor Omnia Vincit indeed. It takes real work and commitment for bigotry to flourish.


Great job getting this out, Jason.
On both Bing and Google, my cursory search has only NBC (two days ago) and Boing Boing as the only reputable and/or mainstream news sources covering this.

Now, I gotta go punch something…


I’m sure the Feds will be right on it. I hear AG Sessions is putting his top men on the case.



WTF is wrong with people?

Better be surgical, because there is a lot of Native American reservations in the state. Technically they are countries within the country.


From my experience with small town Oklahoma, I wager that no one is getting fined or sent to jail. They may get some damages from a civil suit but I kind of doubt that too.


I’m F-ing done. Bring on the extinction.