KKK vs D&D: the surprising, high fantasy vocabulary of racism


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In all seriousness, I would imagine that a lot of the fantasy-mystic trappings are loosely inspired by the Masons, a less evil but no less bizarre group.


"You’ve no doubt heard of the ‘Grand Wizards’ and ‘Grand Dragons,’…

Actually, I have not. What is this “KKK” you speak of?

Trump 2016!


“Hey guys! White Power! Yif!”

“God damn it, Bobby Joe, Jim Bob, and Jimmy Joe - I said you guys were Furies! FURIES!”


Some men, you give them a cause and they will just wander off after whatever next strikes their fancy. Give the same men titles and they will follow you to their own end.


They are certainly a bunch of Odd Fellows.


it’s amazing they were ever able to get everyone to assemble anywhere, since their newsletters must’ve been ridiculously confusing to read, lol.


I am so going to use this organizational structure for the nemesis group the next time I run a fantasy campaign!


What’s disturbing is I didn’t go looking specifically for this. It was on the first page or two a “furries” image search.


Pretending to be a “low information” voter?


Either that or a low information presidential contender. :slight_smile:


Anybody remember Norman Spinrad’s The Iron Dream?


Idle though: The Lictor sounds like a badass monster. Or at least something vaguely Roman?

One google later: CONFIRMED (on both counts). Good choice, crazy racist assholes!


This oddness is largely because the KKK was re-founded in that era as a capitalist enterprise. The book was for sale. The hoods and robes were for sale. The necessary badges to affix to your costume, to designate you as a ghoul were for sale.

Capitalism and racism aren’t really separate things in the US…


Its a white thing… you wouldn’t understand.


I’m white (and a southern male to boot,) and i still don’t get it.

Did someone miss a memo where I was supposed to get the CisGendered WASP Opressor club handshake?


As G-d is my witness, I thought you wrote “titties”.


Those are even more effective, but titles are far easier to come by


Was that when he dreamt he was in a foundry?