Great Pyrenees re-elected mayor, again!


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Hey, aren’t the Pyrenees in France?

Another immigrant coming to take American jobs.


Make Cormorant Great again!


He was born here, doesn’t make him Mexican.


Laugh all you want, but he’s the first Mayor brave enough to take on and beat Big Squirrel.



I’d vote for the dog over Trump.


It’s nice that their relationship can survive the two of them running against each other.


Who’s a good mayor? That’s right! Duke’s a good mayor!


Amazingly there are more canine mayors than Green Party mayors in the United States. The Greens list two on their website, and I found three dog mayors via Google before quitting the search.


Yeah, we’re going to need to see his long-form whelping certificate.


Exactly what’s meant by a “yellow dog Democrat.” Except he’s not actually yellow.


The dogs believe in vaccination.


Can we kill the Green Anti-Vax Boogeyman already? Stein has gone on the record multiple times clarifying this misperception: and


I can not speak for Jill Stein, but i am sure all three canine Mayors are current on their shots.



You can link to particular points in the video, you don’t have to expect us to watch 1h:40m just to check your references.

#18 and

Both are worth watching in their entirety, though.


I already linked to the timestamps. Would it help if I transcribed them too?


Ah! My mistake. I thought you were simply reposting them and stating "they’re worth watching in their entirety though!"
I redact my statement. bows