Great Pyrenees elected mayor


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a chicken in every food bowl, and a little love behind the ears FOR AMERICA


Foreign policy? Bark a lot, snuggle if they come close.




These dogs have a bark that’ll break out windows. You don’t need much more than that. Several are a great white fleet.


Stories like this keep my misanthropic tendencies in check.
Thanks, people of Cormorant (except those 3 idiots who didn’t vote for the dog)!


Still white and male, but on the plus side at 7 years old, term limits should not be a factor.


That is a respectable 49 in Cormorant, Minnesota years.

Also, this outcome is less landslide, more avalanche.


$1 to vote? Sounds like this election was bought. I demand an investigation.


I’m thinking that there should probably be an investigation into this “Big Kibble” angle – just what sort of favors are Tuffy’s Pet Food expecting from the mayor?


Just how long can he ignore the increasing number of “Cat Lives Matter” protests since he took office?


Meanwhile, enemies of the new mayor plan to bury him in red tape


That looks like a truly cunning plan.


This would work much better than the traditional US foreign policy plan


BREAKING: Mayor spends public funds on neuticles.

Film at 11.


This just in: Local mayor pressures AKC to change name of breed to AWESOME Pyrenees.


All Correct!


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