Meet the Great Pyrenees, AKC's breed of the day

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Let’s not forget that coyotes are also terrified of Great Pyrenees and will avoid your yard or neighborhood if you have one.

Consider that a bonus.


My favorite breed is “pound”, as in “mutt/anything from a shelter” - they truly are the best breed of dog.


I think we agree.

It should not surprise us the giant breed dogs need a different sort of rescue than small breeds.


A friend has some of these dogs. They look like they are pretty lovable, but we don’t have the room for a dog that big.

I love mine! She’s the sweetest dog in the world with almost human eyes. Great breed!

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I am disappoint, no new Nemo pics!!

I can wait :smiley:


I reteact my disappoint , I see Nemo is on the front page. Thank you, I needed that.


Did you forget to pack a Great Pyrannean?


Yes, but I did remember my highland coo plushies.


Geez the expression in that second one is great.

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Those dogs have gorgeous doe-eyes. Real life anime characters lol.


Compare #1 to this :

and jesus has he grown.

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Oh. My. Dog.

When I get back imma gonna start a pet picture/animal thread.

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It’s a bit disappointing that I can’t get info about the rescue org you mentioned without giving my info to Facebook. Any other sources of info about them you can link to?

Sadly, not yet. We’re just getting organized. Essentially this rescue is springing from the ashes of the one who got me Nemo. The folks doing all the paperwork, etc are jamming along and we just got our 501c3 status, so I’ll post more about the rescue as soon as I can.

I am sorry, Facebook is what I got. Message me and I’ll get you an email of one of the people who knows whats what!


Thank you kindly for offering, but my interest in Great Pyrenees is mostly academic at this point. We have two lovely Lab mix (maybe? who knows!) rescues already and we’re not ready for another dog yet.

But when the rescue you’re working for gets a proper web page up, I hope you’ll post about it again.

oh, you can count on it. has great info

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Rescue organizations like you linked to are noble, difficult, and necessary organizations. If you can’t afford an interview, $500, and an appropriate home for a canine like that, you shouldn’t have one.

I spent years working on safe areas for my tree climbing, fence jumping, energetic doggie. I was approved by the adoption org, and it still took half her life to get her to a safe environment. And I knew what I was doing :slightly_smiling:

Some day I will be a volunteer. There are too many good canine friends that don’t have good homes yet, and so many people that could make good homes if they knew what was involved.

@jlw, keep it up.


Big dogs strut down the street, others get out of their way. But the dogs are more likely to not notice people, rather than expect people to get out of their way. And yes, small dogs may scare the big dogs, though perhaps that begins because the small dogs may be noisy at seeing the big dog.

Yet the two can also interact, an amusing sight as the big lowers his head to the level of the small dog.

Maybe it’s age, or maybe training, but my sister’s Labrador likes to go fast, but doesn’t react until someone shows an interest. Then watch out, wagging tale and he may lick the person’s face. But there is a limit, he’ll often pull away and examine a tree. Like that time someone about ten years old asked to pat him, and then the rest of them swarmed him.

Kids ask to pat him, he’ll get closer to them when I say something. But every so often, an adult comes over and just pats him, the right way. Clearly someone who knows dogs, but maybe doesn’t have a dog now.

Then there’s the bulldog two houses over, who insists on stopping when he sees me, a very happy welcome from him.

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