I am going to need a bigger chair



And thank you for adopting a dog in need of rescue. Out of curiosity, have you ever tried dog agility? I’ve been to dozens of matches, including two national invitationals, and I can’t recall ever seeing a Great Pyrenees.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but dogs that big run would, I’d guess, be in the 26" class, which tends to be pretty small–the kind where I like to work as ring crew.


No, Nemo is incredibly trainable – kind of. He learns to do what you want and then promptly stops doing it unless he wants to.


Agility - so much fun! Yes, I was working with a JRT, one of the most well-adapted breeds for agility, but I also have seen poodles, Weimeraners and even Great Danes and St Bernard’s enjoying themselves on the course.

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Ha, he’s kind of a cat then.


My wife keeps on shooting down my pony/miniature-horse proposals – perhaps I can sneak in a Great Pyrenees puppy…

My brother owns a Swiss mountain dog. They apparently top out at around the same size as the Pyrenees, heavier but shorter. He gave up on dog beds and just gave him a full sized love seat my parents hate. He fits better and he stopped trying to steal beds from humans.

Heh, same but in 6 months… and cats:

The boxes are different, but are the same basic size.


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