This Great Pyrenees does not care it is at a dog show


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We have a winner!


speaking of uncooperative dogs:

turn the sound on, and don’t drink anything while watching this video


That dog is so happy… This brings me more joy than if he had perfectly executed the tricks.


What a goofball. Great personality in that dog :slight_smile:


Ha, gives Olly a run for the money…


And then there’s Fenton


Also Kratu, at this years’ Crufts. I have no idea how he turns around in that tube, but he’s having a blast.





Pretty sure I automatically start laughing whenever I hear Yakkety Sax.



Make Pyrenees Great Again!


The smartest dog there, by far.


@Grey_Devil @leicester @natehoffelder @FGD135 @nungesser another Kratu link.

My sides are aching from laughter. :rofl:


What I absolutely love about the videos of Crufts (and Kratu in particular) is that there’s no stuffiness or scolding or disappointment in these “bad runs”. The announcer can tell the dog’s having a blast and is outright praising him for being such a good dog.


Absolutely, the commentary is a blast!


In this case, I agree.

I think breed is a big factor. Dog shows creep me out, but agility competitions are amazing to watch, especially with some of the herding breeds. From what I’ve seen, they’re working dogs and love what they do.

Kudos to this owner/trainer as he seems to keep it positive while trying to follow the course. Not all trainers are so composed.


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