Yoda dog toy, also for kids



Provide entertainment and help both of them sleep better this toy can.


Alternate HL was “Steal this dog toy your child may.”


Good relations with the Wookiees, she has.

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I feel for you Jason. With those two pair of imploring eyes you’re gonna need an iron will to survive. Good Luck!


Eat this toy, we would. Weak is The Force in this one.

How did you perform this magic? Every dog I know, no matter what age, seems to specifically enjoy pulling out stuffing as if it were entrails.

Oh. My God.

Your Great Pyrenees are so amazing. I’ve seen you post about them before and every time I have to contain this huge urge to just hug the hell out of them. It’s my dream dog. I’ve wanted a Great Pyrenees ever since I was 10 and my friend had one. I think she got it from America, because they lived there for a few months.

Question: How difficult are these dogs to obtain? What kind of dogs are they like (I know there’s lots of info out there on the net, but I want to hear your personal opinion)? I know they’re territorial and protective, because my friend’s Great Pyrenees kind of jumped on me (it did no harm, just put me on the ground) when its’ owner suddenly left without the dog noticing. That was the start of a life-long love for these amazing dogs.

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And if it has a squeaker inside, then doubly so. It’s as tho hearing their prey suffering (squeaking) only ramps up a dog’s zeal to gut the poor things.

I’d like to find a plush toy that will truly withstand my terrier-mix’s voracious need for constant gnawing. She loves playing fetch even with the fabric shell of her gutted toys, but even san stuffing they only last short while.

Nemo is the best. Here is a post with info about his rescue, they handle NorCal. Randy and Debi run the rescue with a LARGE team of amazingly dedicated volunteers. They can answer any question about Pyrs you may have.

A Pyr is pretty easy to come by but you want to be careful. Drop GPRNC (their info is in the post) a note and ask for some tips based off your location. A badly trained or problem 100+ lbs dog is not something you want to have to deal with unless you are REALLY prepared.

There are so many awful origin stories about the dogs GPRNC saves I have been brought to tears. People do not seem to understand what they are buying in that small, fluffy darling dog and when it turns into GODZILLA they have no idea what to do. Abandoning them in fields, on freeways, etc. Working dogs that are just abandoned when a farm is shuttered, etc.

I only have the one Pyr tho. Pretzel is a cavalier. I have friends who live with THREE Pyrs and they’ve rescued 2 of them. They have a large farm tho and are well equipped/really know how to manage the dogs (better than I do for sure.)

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I tried looking for a Great Pyrenees Rescue center somewhere near Finland, or even in Europe, but couldn’t find one. There seems to be a huge amount of abandoned Pyrs in North America (that explains why my childhood friend got one in America), but not here in Finland, or Estonia or Romania or other countries where our rescue dogs typically come from. I went through a ton of rescue sites and damn, it is heart-breaking to look at all those wonderful dogs waiting for homes.

Anyway, I’m not thinking about adopting right now. My situation is certainly not ideal - I have a small apartment, my future is uncertain (will be moving soon and have no idea where I’ll find work), I don’t have the money to really take care of a dog properly and so on. But once I have a bigger house with a big backyard, hopefully on the countryside, I’m adamant that I’ll one day find an amazing Great Pyrenees to rescue, no matter what country it comes from, and will give it a loving home. I’ve owned a dog before, for the record, but it was a small one. But I’m sure I’ll be well equipped to take care of a big dog in the future (with my partner, of course).

There are some

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