Find Slack in this SubGenius TV commercial from MTV (1991)


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I’m a devotee of the Church of the SubGenius.


I pull the wool over my own eyes every morning!


I remember well my first exposure, in the wee hours of a saturday night


Neat! Praise Bob!


I knew a guy who was a priest of the Church of the SubGenius. I asked him what was required. He said, “You pay a fee and fill out the application. Or don’t.”


It’s a national passtime.


“Nobody pulls MY wool over the ice!” - Albert the alligator, circa 1950


Don’t just eat that cheeseburger, eat the hell out of it!


There are other ways?


Been tilting the Luck Plane my way for years…Praise Bob! And thanks to Fightin’ Jesus for watching my back, it all helps.


I found slack, he’s right next to Waldo.


Repent! Quit your job and slack off!


I found it all got a bit tiresome after a while, but maybe that’s because I was too near the ground zero of its birth, and some of the “founders” were FOAFs. Too many people trying to top each other. “You wrote a 40 page screed on how snail farts are destroying society? Well just wait 'till you read my 130 page article on how to achieve ultimate slack through the use of brown shoe polish and Vice Grips!” Yeah.


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