Find your polling place! Then vote!


Refusing to participate is the same as saying “I don’t care how any of the races or ballot measures turn out.”

Which is frankly a fucking childish attitude.

Even in the highly unlikely event that there are two equally bad candidates on your ballot for governor or senator or whatever, that still represents only one part of what is on your local ballot.

I challenge any non-voter to show me a 2018 midterm ballot that includes no races or initiatives or propositions of consequence.


Nope. I specifically stated I voted in this election, but I did not vote on a contentious issue that I felt was a mess. You’ll have to start over with a proper argument.

Which, the thing you are assuming or what actually happened?

didn’t read the thread, but have strong feelings on the issue? That’s … weird.

I already covered this. I spent quite a bit of time on my ballot, and I already mentioned that I gave judicial nominees above average attention.

Dial your unfocused rage back a bit if you’re not going to bother reading the thread, it’s not to be directed at me needlessly. You’re just noise at this point.


Coming that close in Texas is no mean achievement! If Democrats can make more Texas elections actually competitive, the Republicans are going to be very unhappy. Texas is supposed to be their stronghold, and if they have to spend resources on what were supposed to be “safe” elections in the future, it’s going to make their ability to compete in blue areas or actual swing states so much harder.


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