Vote by mail in California? Check your ballot status online!

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If you live in Arizona and voted by mail, you can check you ballot’s status online:
If it doesn’t show up, I’d go to a polling place ASAP. Ballots received after 7PM tonight will not be counted.


Well this is disconcerting. My county (Alameda) says they can’t find my registration information, even though I’ve been registered at this address for 19 years and received all of my election materials (voter guide, sample ballot, mail-in ballot, etc.) in the mail as expected.


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Thanks, I didn’t know about that. Glad to confirm my vote was counted.

Speaking of, I made some DIY “I Voted By Mail” stickers this morning.


Make sure you read the instructions very carefully. My home county wanted my house NUMBER but not the street name. Took me a few tries to grok.

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Thanks, but that’s not the problem. The look-up form works for my wife but not for me. I emailed the registrar and got a response that indicates I’m registered and that my vote-by-mail ballot was received. Their web interface must be flaky.

Didn’t your vote-by-mail ballot include “I Voted by Mail” stickers?

Not in San Francisco County, but I’m hearing that many didn’t across the bay.

Not in Marin.

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