Fine dining for kids: Sous vide Pop Tart with cereal infused milk


As a kid who would tell the people behind the counter at McDonald’s to “send my compliments to the chef” I would have been all over this. But I’m not able to find the prices. I’m curious as to whether these dishes come with fine dining prices. The waiter also seems overly friendly.


Me looking at the menu. :smile:

Me finding out this is a real place: :grimacing:

Me finding out it doesn’t actually exist at that address. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Having experienced first hand the discerning palate and gastronomic leanings of young children, I can well imagine the whining and crying that would take place because “This doesn’t taste like a pop-tart! I WANNA REAL POP-TART!!!”


I kind of love that this site completely rips off the design of the site for one of my favorite, favorite restaurants. Parkside in Austin makes some unbelievably good food. It looks a bit twee but every time I go I’m happy as a clam. Worth it for dessert alone really.

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There is no way a kid is going to have the level of bullshit tolerance required to enjoy fine dining.


Wholeheartedly agree. My kids would choose those crappy frozen personal pizzas and Kraft mac and cheese over their ‘real’ counterparts anytime.

Props to austin comedian Ramin Nazer!

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i shiver at the thought of reducing ketchup further. i’m pretty sure it would crystallize into some form of tomatoSodium after 5 minutes at a simmer…

More restaurants need to offer a ball pit seating option…


According to Google, that address is on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. On closer inspection, though, it turns out that Google in their infinite wisdom interprets “1400 Burnet Road, Austin, TX” as “1400 Austin Road, Burnet, TX”, so that’s wrong.

However, on still closer inspection, numbering on the actual Burnet Road starts at 4000. So, yeah, it’s fake, further confirmed by the first three results from Googling the restaurant name. Would’ve been quicker if I’d started there, I guess.

TL;DR: Dear Boing Boing, could you maybe put in like 30 seconds of due diligence before posting improbable things as truth? This keeps happening.

What’s the difference between a hoax and a joke? Because I interpreted this as a joke, and assumed Cory had too.


Just for the record, more than a typical number of restaurants in Austin make some unbelievably good food.

And no Toaster Strudel alternative. Tsk, tsk.


I second that statement. Going out to eat is sometimes the hardest decision because there’s so much good stuff I find myself paralyzed by the abundance of choices.

My new recent favorite is Arro for their sublime gin & tonics, and those profiteroles.

Food fetishism, now in kiddy-size portions!

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It’s absolutely a joke. Whether it’s a hoax or not depends entirely on the gullibility of the reporter.

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Exactly. It’s much like Portland in that regard. Some good, some formerly-good-but-now-too-big, some overrated…

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