Finland N'existe Pas

We’re also the least corrupt country in the world, and if I remember correctly, we have the most free press in the world as well! And one of the best (if not the best) education in the world.

Please do visit, we won’t bite. We do often criticize America and its ways (it’s our household’s favorite subject, because it makes us feel better about our own country’s shortcomings!), but we’re nice to actual Americans - unless they have that stereotypically American arrogant air about them.

Heh, yeah, it is very American, but believe me, he didn’t actually affect the outcome of our election. It could almost be seen as a parody of the way Americans think what they do matters so much in the world, except I don’t think even Conan himself would realize it as satire.


While you’re all busy contemplating the existence of this country, meanwhile in Finland…

I could just go on…

(Though for real, it’s been quite warm here last few years, around 0C lately, today it’s -5C. But it can sometimes quickly drop to -20C and with that icy wind blowing from the sea it’s like death)


You’re not convincing anyone with that. Nowhere real gets temperatures like that in the middle of summer. Not even Tasmania. :palm_tree: :tropical_drink: :sunny: :surfer:


Okay, now you’re just messing with us. As far as I can tell, those are all shots of Minnesota.


US 2…Explains sooooo much. :wink:

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One year when I was in Budapest I had a Norwegian roommate (film-school), who had a Swedish friend (job at the Opera). They both flipped when I said “Uff-da” after dropping something.

I’ve gotten out of that habit these days. :::sigh::: East-Coast Livin’.


I tend to really confuse folks, since I often utter “uff-da, eh”.


It goes deeper. When was the last time you heard anything about the Guyanas? Any one of them?


Ah, nothing like a nice dip in a frozen lake after a sauna… We cheated – didn’t have to chop a hole in the ice because the lake by my friend’s house had an air-bubbler-thingie that kept the ice from freezing near the boat dock.
I have done most of those things if you replace the reindeer with horses.

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Only when the name Jim Jones comes up…

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Oh how we despair of the weak, younger generation, both over-fed by air-bubbler-thingies and starved by lack of ice-chopping experience.


My point exactly. That happens, then 37 years of absolute radio silence. Suspicious much? Not to mention all that Bermuda triangle business, suppressed but not forgotten.


I have never been to Australia. The whole “animals with pockets” things sounds suspicious.

OTOH: Mad Max movies.


They need a place to keep their boomerangs and Vegemite.


I can still learn – we have an old ice saw and some of those tongs upstairs in the garage back home.

Don’t get me started on that one. Inverted seasons, coriolis effects, lethal fauna, giant friggin’ rock in the middle of the desert. Who put it there? How? Why?

The whole concept is such blatant conspiracy-bait I wonder if they made it that way as a sort of of reverse-psychology alibi.


Minnesota is literally Finnish for “Where war [went]”. So I’m just gonna believe you made that name up,

Oh yeah, sauna and a dip in a frozen lake… now that’s living!
I’ve been around reindeer, but haven’t really “done” anything with them. But have certainly ridden horses, as well.

Also, ice fishing… I’ve seen in movies that Americans do this is tiny cottages in the middle of lakes like little pussies. This is how you do it:

This also works:

This is also a thing…


Sweetheart, you already said it was around 0C today – that’s SPRING WEATHER in ice-fishing country.

The ice-houses are because it’s usually about -30 below in January before the windchill is applied. And really, is that guy gonna sit on that bucket all night and drink beer? No, he is not. He is woefully unprepared for a week on the lake.


Wait. You don’t stay on the lake all week?

What are you – a resident of a fictional made-up country??!!?!

N.B.: I don’t personally ice-fish because: seriously, a week on a lake drinking beer and pissing in bucket? Do I look like a f*****g scandahoovian?!?!?


This is one of the ways they ice fish in Minnesota:

This is another way:

But, yes, there is also this way:

For that last pic, we call it “ice fishing [wink, wink].” They’ll auger a couple holes, set up a couple tip-ups, then head right back into the shanty for a few dozen more beers.

[edit] @OtherMichael - It’s super mild here in SE Michigan today. The temperature’s a balmy -2C. It’s not even going to be the normal -13C at night until Sunday night after is snows.

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Bah, we take that -30C with the windchill and sit there on the ice like real women. Except not for a whole week cause it’s not a goddamn vacation, it’s just going to the lake next to you to ice fish. It’s called a hobby, not an extreme sport.