Fire at gender clinic was arson

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I somehow missed this news when it happened… :sob: :rage:

I will note that there are a lot of targets for right wing terrorism in that part of town, from this clinic to the refugee center over in Clarkston.


I hope they find the bastard(s).


Arson is when you burn the place down for insurance money, need to cover up evidence of another crime, or you’re bored and want to see some fire trucks.

The word we’re looking for here is terrorism

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


Arson is deliberately and illegally setting property on fire regardless of motive, so I’d say this qualifies as both arson and terrorism.


Most of us here knows that’s the word. The question is, when will the authorities recognise it as that rather than random arson.


And in other bigotry news, Florida is fucking with trans people’s driver’s licenses. Per Erin in the Morning:

According to a letter submitted by an anonymous source on Monday, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has rescinded the policy that allowed transgender individuals to update the gender marker on their driver’s licenses. The letter, written by Deputy Executive Director Dave Kerner, states that gender will be interpreted as “biological sex.” Furthermore, the letter declares that any person “misrepresenting” their gender marker would be guilty of fraud, facing civil and criminal penalties, and revocation of licensure.

The letter, apparently sent out on Jan. 26, asserts that “gender” is synonymous with “biological sex,” and argues that gender identity is “neither immutable nor objectively verifiable.” It suggests that permitting transgender individuals to update their gender markers on their driver’s licenses would “prevent the state from enforcing its laws.” These laws include bans on transgender individuals using the bathroom of their gender identity and laws targeting adult medical care.


It’s shitshows all the way down…


I understand what you’re saying, but my point is it’s useless to describe this as arson when the point was to intimidate. We could also call it rapid oxidation, or trespass, or property damage, but none of those convey the fact that the crime was much more serious. The authorities should treat it like the terrorism it is.

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Not to be conspiratorial, but they are refusing to release bodycam footage. I’m pretty sure they already know who did it.


Hmm, I wonder why…

Best case scenario, they just said some insensitive shit. Worst case scenario they were involved or at least tried to cover it up


“That your lighter, Bob?”

“Gee, thanks! I’ve been looking for it all over!”


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