Firefighters rush to rescue a cat – no, a dog! – from a tree

Originally published at: Firefighters rush to rescue a cat – no, a dog! – from a tree | Boing Boing


Silly doggy! No chase squirrels up a tree!

there was a photo of a person up a telegraph pole who crashed his car into it… in the time life library of photography

That’s a problem with dogs that have a high prey drive. The owner needs to divert the dog’s attention to safer items like thrown/launched balls and similar.
I had a dog that would chase a squirrel up a tree, then sit and patiently wait for the rodent to reappear. Meanwhile the squirrel would have leapt to a perch 3 trees over.

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Decades ago I had a dog that loved to climb trees, but she wouldn’t really get over 8’ - 10’ off the ground and could get back down fairly easily. (She was a lab and a strong jumper, so that first 5’ was just a short running jump.) This looks to be quite a bit higher than Suzy ever tried!

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A friend had a home with a picture window facing a large tree. A squirrel lived in the tree. It would run around the yard and onto my friend’s porch. Her dog, on the other side of the window, went crazy whenever it spotted the squirrel. I guess the squirrel didn’t appreciate the attention. One day when my friend took her dog for a walk, they passed under the tree and the squirrel pissed on her dog.


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