Firefox is finally fixing its broken screenshot tool


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I use snipping tool for that. I didn’t even know Firefox had this feature. I will, however, point out the Save icon has an arrow pointing up, not down.


With Windows and MacOS having their own perfectly good built-in screenshot functionality I didn’t even realize Firefox had its own.



I had no idea this was even a thing. I use the alt-printsc functionality in Windows.

(Alt-printsc grabs the active window, shift-printsc grabs the whole screen)

Disabled it anyway.


In Windows 10, Win+S lets you snip a portion of the screen with a selection rectangle.


Nice, thanks.


As someone that needs to take a lot of screenshots as part of their job, this is perhaps one of my favorite features in Windows 10.


Author finally learns to code and fix it themselves. Oh, wait…


This is only a small fraction of the shit that Mozilla does to try to get your data into their cloud. They have Pocket, they have Sync, they have Malicious URL Protection, accessibility, telemetry reporting, updates, and Shield Studies.

It’s not like my data will ever becomes a source of revenue for them. I am the least cooperative person around when it comes to pushy advertisements and tracking; if I find you’re surreptitiously tracking me, you’ve guaranteed I’m not ever going to become your customer. So I’ve never understood why they want to keep pushing me into their cloud. I just want a browser that browses. And anything else I may want, I’ll find my own version.


If you use Windows, get Greenshot. It’s free and is a-freaking-mazing. For doing multiple shots you want to group together, you can pre-name them, stuff them into a defined directory, and append a sequence number all automagically. Want to define the file type, it’s included. You can define your hot keys for different types of screenshots (full screen, window, repeat of a defined area, etc). It also comes with a really nice embedded image editor with effects like obfuscation. It beats the pants off any other screenshot system I’ve used. Run, do not walk, to Greenshot. If you use IOS or OSX, sorry…can’t help.


the only times i don’t use the MacOS ones are when i need to capture a long webpage or something standard screen capture doesn’t do as easily. the new one in Mojave is quite good. cmd+shift+5


I’ve never understood this desire by app developers to duplicate functionality that already exists in the OS. I feel I’ve seen this pattern in a number of apps before, but those instances escape me at this moment.


Because theirs is better, obviously, or they would insist on your using it. /S


I’ve never had a problem with it on Linux. Does it not work on winblows?


The first time I used Firefox’s screenshot function I realised the blue button would save the image to the cloud somewhere, so I used the download button instead. It’s really not a big deal.

As redesigned mentioned, the FF screenshot tool is quite handy if you want to capture the whole page. Also you can click on an element to capture just that box without having to draw around it.


I’ve not used that feature recently, so I went to have another look. To my surprise, the blue upload button doesn’t appear, and there was a grey box at the bottom of the screenshot notifying me that it was in download-only mode. This was without my doing the about:config edit. (I’ve done that as well now.) It turns out that the upload feature is disabled if you’re on an ESR version of Firefox, in Private Browsing mode, or have ‘remember browsing history’ turned off. In my case, it was the latter one.

I do make use of the Mozilla Sync feature, if only because it means my small set of regularly-used bookmarks are synched between my devices (I have Firefox on my iPad and Android phone as well.) Plus, it remembers what addons I’ve installed, so when I recently set up a Mint Linux virtual machine to play with and installed Firefox there, it installed most of those for me.

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