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If you need more variety in a screen capture (or screencap) I like Greenshot. It sits in your tray, doesn’t take up a lot memory, and can capture full-screen, current app, regions, easily edit, email, etc.


If anything I’ve learned that (a) there are lots of useful tools buried in things, but which you can’t find out about because of bad documentation and because they are buried in the wrong menu, but (b) there are lots of basic features absent from things.

If you need to sort through a lot of duplicate files, and you are paranoid about accidentally losing non-duplicates, I suggest DupeGuru. I’m not sure exactly which OSes it works for.

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We’ve tried, in our office, many times to organize our network drive that we all store shared files in, and if it’s taught me anything, it’s that different people look for things in different ways. That’s not to say that menu/feature design is ever done particularly well, but I do think it would be really cool to see a software with “responsive design” that gives you a short personality / learning style / common tasks quiz, then arranges your icons and cascading menus accordingly.


Well, I’m currently using a Mac because I’ve had bad experiences with hardware incomptibilities with Linux.

On MacOS, when you want bigger buttons and wider scrollbars, you need to install another operating system. But the Finder preferences include some useful features and ways to disable misfeatures. I kept tripping up because I would look under Desktop in the system preferences. On the bright side, when you want to disable tapping and other gestures, you don’t need to get new hardware or new drivers.

On MacOS, when you want to print something, the print dialogue lets you choose the printer and choose among various settings… but doesn’t let you choose paper size, you have to cancel the print job, and go to the system preferences for that. I think that goes from “well different people organize things differently” to “but why would anyone organize things like that”?

I also have a lot of trouble with installation menus and the like, especially when someone considers “you can do this later” sufficient warning that you absolutely must do this now! So adding a one-time dialogue wouldn’t necessarily help. And adding an any-time dialogue that might reorganize things might pose problems.


My favourite trick was related to me back in the before times by a colleague from Éire. It’s known by many names but also ‘The Irish screwdriver’.

PC won’t turn on? Checked everything twice?
Pick the main unit up, about an inch above the desk.

Let go.

It works! To varying definitions of ‘works’.


I have something called “Awesome Screenshot” that seems OK. I don’t use it too often but it’s nice. Should I switch to Greenshot? It’s better?

I used two other tools before Greenshot, and I’m happy with it.

possibly and I don’t know the date, nor follow ups.

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If your company installes the MS suite of tools, OneNote (a great program that) has a neat feature that allows you hit Windows Key + S and it grays the screen and gives you a cursor to select. Invaluable!

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Are you seeing this?

or this?

Behold, the magic of the “show details” button…

'course, there’s sometimes a “Page Setup” option under the “File” Menu.

Of course I’m using “Show Details.”

I’m not finding paper size options in the “Show Details” options.

In LibreOffice, the various “Show Details” pages include LibreOffice, Layout, Color Matching, Paper Handling, Cover Page, Print Settings, Color Options, Two-Sided Printing Settings, and Supply Levels. Nothing for paper size, not even in Page Handling or Print Settings. And the Presets dialogue box also includes LibreOffice, Layout, Color Matching, Paper Handling, Cover Page, Print Settings, Color Options, Two-Sided Printing Settings, and Supply Levels.

In Firefox, the “Show Details” page doesn’t even include that. And the Presets dialogue box includes Copies & Pages, Firefox, Layout, etc.

In LibreOffice, there is a link to the Printers & Scanners [System] Preferences, so if you know where to go, that’s where to adjust the paper size. Still screwy.

If you’re on Windows 7 or higher, if you search the start menu for “snip” and hit enter, the built in snippet tool opens up, translucent-white-outs the screen and gives you a selection crosshair to click and drag to select the area you want. When you let go, a window pops open with the screenshot area you selected, where you can crop, scale etc, and save the image.

I like it. It’s built in and very fast. Isn’t some third party tool from who knows where.

I don’t know how to do specific window selection with it, but you can just select the window area, and crop if it’s a little too big.


nice, but I’m not on Windows anything.

Mac can do a screengrab of any size from the OS (cmd+shift+3 wholescreen or 4 to click and drag a border) but there’s no support for drawing over it, so I use Awesome Screenshot when I need to do that rather than opening a paint program. But I’ll prob upgrade to Greenshot.

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