Firewatch, a mysterious game about a secluded fire lookout in Wyoming


Nice trailer, though it’s very hard to judge how much of that is gameplay footage.

It’s an interesting idea, but the voice acting didn’t seem very strong to me. If that’s the best 2 minutes they’ve got, I’m not sure I’m convinced this is a must-buy title.

They’ve said it’s all “in-engine” but whether it’s “gameplay” or not I could not say.

Regards the game: I’m pretty much all-in. I’ve listened to the creators on Idle Thumbs for a long while and they’re good, interesting people. And they have done other good games-making, too.


Yeah, wow, I didn’t even look at the list of employees. The co-founders wrote The Walking Dead, and they have people from Klei and Double Fine working for them. I am cautiously optimistic.

I’m not sure what your standards are, but video game voice acting is generally much worse than this. Not everyone can be Logan Cunningham.

Looked pretty damn cool to me, but I’m no expert.

It sure looks gorgeous, but it’s no Far Cry 2. BABOO!

Reminds me of this:

I’m pretty sure the voice of Henry is Rich Sommer (Harry Crane on Mad Men) who is a great actor, so it might just be a case of the game needing more development/recording sessions.

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