Teaser trailer for Fallout

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I try not to let myself get too hyped up for stuff as I’ve been burned too many times. That being said, this trailer makes me feel the same way I felt when Bethesda did trailers for the games. The only thing missing was a Ron Perlman intro narration.


Based on the tone and humor of original first two games in the series my dream casting for a director would be Paul Verhoeven, a good alt choice would be Neill Blomkamp. That said the teaser looks good so far, i hope they do a good job because i’m a huge Fallout fan but i’m in the cautiously optimistic camp.


“Death to those weird, Curiously Optimistic Campers! Optimistically Curious Camp will crush you, and rule the wastelands!” :skull::lizard:


There’s basically no way we’re not watching this.


Maybe I should try the game. This movie looks fun. I’ve never played the game.



Looks good so far. Hope it lives up to the trailer


I have to imagine Perlman is going to appear at some point, uttering that famous line. Even if it’s just as a random character lecturing the Vault Dweller on the nature of conflict somewhere in the final episode of the first season. It’s too iconic for a fan service show like this to possibly mess up, particularly when they seem to have hit so many other beats.


I’m kinda hoping it closes at winter, a highly bundled, face obscured settler comes up to the fire in a barrel, pulls of his gloves, puts his hands over the fire and say “Warmth. Warmth never changes”



How does it look on a Pip-Boy?



The bit that actually made me laugh out loud was, “From… the studio behind The Boys and free 2-day shipping…”

There’s like… ten of them at this point. (Though mostly I’d only recommend the numbered ones - the original isometric Fallout and Fallout 2, the modern first-/third-person Fallout 3 and 4, and also the Fallout 3 sequel, “New Vegas”.)


You could probably watch videos that breakdown the lore of the games, or at least watch Lets Plays.


Like this one? :grin:

Never played the games, so i didn’t know i wanted this until that trailer…

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The free to play mobile/eventuallyPC/etc management game ‘Fallout Shelter’ isn’t half bad either.

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Fallout 76 is fun. It gets crapped on a lot, but a/ it’s come a long way since launch, and b/ you can play it like a co-op FO4. It’s pretty cheap on sale, although the subscription is basically a must-have. If you ever get into it (or if any other BBers play), ping me, I’d love to meet up in game.

The earlier games I played felt a lot like an immersive narration, as I blasted my way through the story that Wasteland told. Though I never made it past the Wasteland Citadel with its high-powered monks and nuns, I cherish those memories of exploring the radioactive landscape of that early Fallout series episode. Hell, a movie would just make things a lot easier for me nowadays.

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Do the mushroom clouds just after 2 minutes in look really off to anyone else?

They seem very sooty/oily looking, like what summer action film car explosions look like, compared to the nearly pure incandescence of the ones you see in cold war test footage; and they seem very small and very numerous for the Fallout setting; which(so far as you can tell from the limited examples that appear unexploded in game) is much more in line with the relatively early style of really big, chunky, bombs and relatively primitive delivery systems with tepid accuracy; not the late cold war transisterized guidance systems and smaller MIRVed warheads.

That’s barely relevant to whether it will end up doing the job or not; but just stuck right out at me as one glaring departure(the somewhat less blatant one being that the vault door mechanism looks to operate differently: you can see the lower rack sliding across the floor and moving the vault door; while in-game the rack is a static element, built into the floor, that the door rolls on.) from the way things look in Fallout; without an obvious incentive.

Compare to Vault 101 or Vault 111 and to the FO:4 nuke or the FO:3 Megaton explosion.

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