Fallout Shelter makes you shut tiny, happy people underground in a nuclear wasteland

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I’m a big Fallout fan, and I’ve played this game for a few hours. I agree with this review - it’s a little tough at first, and slow at points, but it has its moments and carries out the Fallout theme pretty well. It makes me feel like I’m the mayor of a silo in a Hugh Howey book. The biggest frustration I have is the boot-up time - if you leave the game, it takes a long time to load back up, so this isn’t a dip-in and play a few minutes kinda game, it’s more like you need to sit with it for half an hour at a time, and because the pace is somewhat slow, it’s not exactly edge-of-the-seat gameplay.

Update: the sexism in the game bothers me. The idea that you breed people to produce offspring is uncomfortable enough, but when a woman is pregnant the fact that she can’t fight fires or kill radroaches, and instead just flees, is offensive. Not sure this game is long for my iPad unless some of the behaviors change.

If you feel “really bad” playing Fallout Shelter, you should probably avoid playing This War of Mine. Now that is a seriously depressing game. But a good one that’s worth playing.


Hey it looks like SimTower - but upside-down! Is there a PC version? I’m too dim-witted to play games on my phone.

This may keep me sane until the release date :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so i am just waiting to see if it will be launched in android , and particularly in my gt t 9500 android phone. sorry the english

Does it tie into the Fallout canon re: actual purpose of the Vaults? (Not sure that’s really much of a spoiler, but just to be on the safe side…)

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