Oh, fellow Vault Dwellers...! What never changes?


Join me in hoisting a Nuka-Cola in salute!

The Countdown has begun!

And it’s about goddamned time! Anyone else finding their trousers tightening over this long-awaited news? For the first time since the current-gen consoles came out, I’m finally gonna have a reason to buy one.


War. War never changes.

(someone had to do it)


Another game that I’ll inevitably add to my backlog. I keep going back to play Fallout 3 and New Vegas even though I finished them years ago.


Can’t fit it in with so much Kerballing going on these days.


Also, radroaches. Radroaches never change.


I know, right? I have games that I really should finish someday (Dragon Age: Inquisition and a few of the Assassin’s Creeds, notably) but I still prefer to just fire up one of those two Fallouts and just noodle around looking for a side-quest I may have missed.


But XCOM 2 isn’t coming to console.


Tunnel Snakes rule!


Terror From the Deep? I always found that one a bit derivative.

… Oh. I was thinking X-Com. With the hyphen.


@Donald_Petersen: Here you go.


Please have good playable female characters.
Please have good playable female characters.


For all it’s sexist faults (and they are legion), I was pleasantly surprised when in Witcher 3 the narrative changes to the point-of-view of the major female character. Granted, it took some hours of main storyline to get there (I wander), and, granted, it seems more of a supporting role (like Catwoman in Arkham City). And it shows how low my expectations are that I was pleasantly surprised.

Still, nice to see some examples of major video game productions including more variety in player perspectives, and I hope the trend expands.


Donald-San, use the force.



? Could you not make your previous characters female? I mean, it’s an RPG, you can make them whatever you want. I know people who exclusively play female characters in hardcore mode because they use slightly fewer resources like food or water. Some quests in New Vegas were also infinitely easier with a female character.


I played female characters in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but not because it was easier, just because I like to play as female characters. Both games had certain perks that were advantageous to playing in certain gender roles. The “Confirmed Bachelor” perk for male player-characters opened up certain dialogue options and permitted certain intimacies with certain other male NPCs, which can be exploited for advantage. It also gave you a +10% damage bonus against other male NPCs. (Fallout isn’t exactly the sweet, romantic walk in the park that, say, Mass Effect was.)

There’s a corresponding “Cherchez La Femme” perk for female characters, and also the “Black Widow” and “Lady Killer” perks for heterosexual interactions.


Well, the price is right, but I don’t feel the urge to sign up for spam for the vanishingly small chance of winning.

And anyway, since Fallout 4 turns out to be cross-platform, I think I may get an Xbone just because the MCC is the only other current-gen game I’m interested in (and that only so I can play the remastered Halo 2 campaign). I just didn’t want to get an Xbone in the event Fallout 4 turned out to be a PS4 exclusive.


What Mr. Petersen said. I’m just hoping against hope that they don’t change course and eliminate the playable female characters.

@Donald_Petersen: Last x-mas, my SO and I made a deal - buy each other one of the two major new gen consoles. He got an Xbone, I got a PS4. We play each other’s games with some frequency, so we’re both playing both consoles. He still hates the PS controllers 'cause they’re too small for his bear-paws, and I still hate the XB controllers 'cause they’re too big for my average-for-woman-size hands.


If they take character creation out I’m definitely less interested. All the work they did to cobble weird baby face things into Fallout 3 and they can’t do it for 4? Very less interested.


Losing character creation seems pretty damn unlikely, given how big a thing it’s always been in the Bethesda RPGs.

Think I heard somewhere they’d been hiring VAs for male and female PCs, but I don’t have enough salt to provide a big enough pinch to take internet rumours with.


I made my Vault-Dweller look like Barry Obama. It gave such a twist to the cut-scenes that I did the same in Mass Effect, where Shepard’s motivational speeches were very presidential.