Teaser trailer for Fallout

Yeah, but if it follows the Bethesda tradition, watching it as soon as it comes out will break your TV :laughing:


In fairness, there’s already precedent for the vault doors working differently between games. The way things look and operate in the original games is different from how they do in the 3d ones… and there’s even differences between how things look between 3/NV and 4/76. Chalk it up to artistic license.

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So what? Nit picky details are meaningless. They’ve obviously made it pretty recognizable as the Fallout world. As long as the story is good, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t perfectly replicate the game.

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The announcement audio play was absurdly hilarious… And was an hour long.
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Better have Biwwy and his Waser Wifle


I’m waiting for a minority of gaming bros to complain that the Vault dweller protagonist is a…girl ! (Even though the games let you choose the sex of your character during initial setup)

The radroaches. The ghouls. The yao guai. The Vault-Tec suits. I’m pumped. (I’m such an easy mark and fall for this nonsense so quickly. )

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