Fallout TV series: new trailer unveils a post-apocalyptic spectacle

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They had me at Dogmeat.


The uninitiated should be prepared. Fallout has one of the most opinionated fanbases there is. And they don’t even agree with each other. e.g. are the Brotherhood of Steel heroic protectors or power armor wearing fascists ? (it’s the second, but I digress) Add to that game bros upset about a GIRL vault dweller in the lead, and… :roll_eyes: :laughing:


Bethesda fundamentally misunderstands the Brotherhood of Steel and keeps shoehorning them in whenever they want easy “good guys”. They look cool and borrow terms from feudal knights, and that’s clearly all Todd Howard needs- never mind that literally the first game in the series establishes them as paranoid, insular fascists, a holding pattern that has remained true in every non-Bethesda fallout.


I think this is unfair to Bethesda’s version. Yes, the Brotherhood in Fallout 3 is benign, but that’s because it is being run by Elder Lyon who is an unusually kind and open-minded guy (and from comments by his subordinates we learn that not everyone respects that). In Fallout 4, after Lyon’s death, we find the Brotherhood back to its usual bigotries against non-humans. They are “good guys” in that you can ally with them against the Institute, but at some point you have to decide whether helping synths (which they hate) is more important than having them on your side.


I have more hours in Fallout 4 than I care to admit (and it’s the only one I’ve played), but it was obvious from the minute I met them that they were fascist jerks. Have other Fallout games really attempted to make them “good guys”?

As mentioned, the BoS in Fallout 3 have “gone native” a bit so they don’t immediately view everyone else as irredemable savages, but there are still hardliners that you meet and contend with.

(And even in the first one, if you butter 'em up enough they’ll give you access to their sweet body-enhancing machine)

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Disappointed that BoingBoing doesn’t offer as many Wonderful Things™ as previously?


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Highly recommend Fallout: New Vegas. The 2015 graphics aren’t the best, but the environment and storyline are great fun! Good Old Games (GOG) frequently has it on sale and it’s the patched, updated version as well.


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