Fallout: New Vegas fan celebration still going strong a decade later

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New Vegas is the best of the Bethesda Fallout games, sure. But the original Fallout (1997) is my pick for best.


I don’t think I’ve ever played it. My very old pc ought to handle it just fine to, having just looked up the system requirements, so I might this weekend.


I was watching a Many a True Nerd video - maybe part 2 of “Fallout 4 is Better Than You Think?” He mentioned watching Fallout 4’s lead writer at a video games conference. The writer said that it was basically pointless to spend too much time on the story. That 98% of the gamers are just going to blow by whatever you do, and race to the end. That that is the “sad bargain we accept when we agree to work in this industry.”

i don’t know how I could disagree more. Story is why I play games. And story is why Fallout: New Vegas shines. Story and memorable characters. With New Vegas, it feels like every other NPC actually has a backstory. And because they are more developed characters, the stories and quests flow naturally from them. New Vegas has over twice the quests that Fallout 4 does, not counting crap like “put a MILA on every other roof in town”.

I still play both games, New Vegas to have fun with the story, and Fallout 4 to build settlements.

ETA: And I also play Fallout 4 to shoot Shaun in the face for the child synth “experiment” he runs on you when you enter the Institute.

Editing again so I don’t post like 30 times about this. The X thread is awesome. Check out the Victor cosplay!


It helps to do a minor bit of modding to just make it more stable. Nexusmods most popular mods for it should point you right.


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