Massive 1978 Las Vegas fallout shelter




Were I loaded, I’d build one o\f these fer show…

Show, mind you…



Wow, that’s strangely beautiful.


Yo, Cory-Author, we are brothers afar.

Word too.

We write, albeit differently…

Word may vary.





What was that movie, Blast From the Past?


This needs to show up in Fallout 4

Edit: Now that I think about it, it already sorta did in the New Vegas Big Empty add-on…


This place was featured on an episode of “CSI.” A survivalist was keeping his young adult daughter down there to protect her from the evils of the world.


I was thinking more along the lines of A Boy and His Dog.


two jacuzzis, a sauna, … a dance floor,

So Las Vegas swingers knew that when the bomb hit you show up here and it’d be a wild year of jacuzzi hopping, disco, and wife swapping.


Throw in a healthy colony of psychoactive toads and one might never leave the sanctuary.


Heck, it should’ve been in Fallout: New Vegas main game. the Vault 21 Hotel entrance vaguely resembles it, but not really. Ah well, someone can mod it in.


I guess I’m the only one who looks at that ceiling and immediately senses the oxygen depletion in the room.



Oh, now there’s a fun project to work on!


Putting shag carpeting in a bathroom is never a good idea.


The farm. Immediately.


Depends on whether Fallout 4 is a Fallout:NV successor or a Fallout 3 successor.

As an element of Fallout:NV++, this is somewhere between ‘absurdly suitable’ and ‘overtly mandatory’. As an element of the grittier, more urban, east-coast flavor of Fallout 3, it would be OK as an easter egg; but thematically dubious.


I think that I had heard somewhere that the next numbered Fallout would likely be set in California, in NCR territory - I could see this getting popped into there. Though, I think that, inspired by @omnipresentauth I may have to pickup New Vegas next time it’s on a steam sale and try my hand at modding this into New Vegas (I played it on the 360, so I don’t have the mod tools today, and don’t feel like paying twenty bucks just for the editor). If the mod tools for it are anything like the Skyrim tools it should not be that hard.


Add 100 rivers made with mercury, and I will make it my royal tomb…