Indie games roundup!

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The best from the independent dev scene

Firewatch is also an incredible story when you start reading between the lines and digesting what is actually said in the game. It’s an incredibly tight narrative that is entertaining on the surface and when you start pulling the strings reveals a more interesting story about damaged people. Things like Delilah knowing that Ned is in the area and what the research center is actually for, and the implications of what that means to the relationship between Henry and Delilah.

I also recommend Oxenfree if you like a game about exploring people through dialogue trees. It’s much more of a science-fantasy story, but I found the plot to be very interesting - plus there is an insane ARG going on around it.

The ending to Firewatch seems to have rubbed up a hell of a lot of people the wrong way, i imagine it’s the same reaction by those who stuck with Lost for all those years “wait…that’s it!?” Sure, it built up something far more than what it turned out to be but maybe that’s what’s refreshing about it: what we attribute to the supernatural or conspiracy is just one’s own paranoia and the answer is merely mundane but very human. The ending for me was the very least important part of it, i enjoyed how it got there and i wanted to spend more time with Henry and Delilah.

How’s that? It’s an incredible story when you add your own story to what’s there?

I could have sworn I played Superhot online once, since I don’t have Steam, but the Superhot website seems to try and load something, then just give up and show you a blank page. I don’t see any warnings about Chrome not supporting PPAPI plugins, or anything like that, as I might have otherwise expected. Didn’t work on Firefox or Safari either (no surprise there).

Edit: Ah, if I try and hit the non-https version, I get a proper server error.

I’m guessing they’ve just abandoned the web version.

before it was a full gam it was a small in browser unity proff of concept type thing made for a gamejam

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