Firing a 2 Inch Gun in Slow Motion


I just googled it too, only I guess I got linked to some of the higher end sites with $1000+ miniature 1911s. Now I love me some 1911s, and color me impressed someone can make a 1:6 or a 1:3 scale model with all the parts, but you can get a really nice real one for that money!

Economy of scale? Though if someone is selling hand made, then I suspect there must be kits out there to make it yourself?

Could do it on the 4th of July. It would mix right in with the people lighting off quarter sticks of dynamite.

LOL, Marion.

Yes I suspect the 80s would have been different if the willingness to hurt ones self with dangerous shit was coupled with the access of knowledge on how to do more dangerous shit. Though maybe we would have also looked up how to do it and keep all our fingers.

I did those Estes Rockets, but we had a Russian exchange student who said that they would make bombs from them, stealing motors from some government warehouse. Though I don’t think he was talking about the Estes type stuff.


nice avatar/post combo


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