Bullet earrings


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In before obligatory “this part isn’t the bullet.” Or did I just … whoa, that’s meta.


Could be illegal in ban states such as Massachusetts.


…then their post disappeared in a puff of logic.

But, I have to say, in this case, it is quite true. Those are not in any way bullets, nor does the usual leeway apply since there are no bullets attached to the shell casings. Gotta, say, though, these are better than a lot of the “bullet” jewelry out there. Good luck with it at the TSA checkpoint, regardless of whether it has any even remotely tangential value as a weapon or not.


i love that they’re all .40 cal. I love .40.
i went to the range just this morning and fired off 100 rounds of .40 from my HK VP40.

wonderful handgun. not one regret in trading in my G23.


Now, if they were made from rounds that hadn’t been fired, you’d have my attention.


to be kinda sorta fair.

  1. its Cory
  2. the actual description text does say used/fired casings.


Etsy is FULL of items like this. Such as tie clips and cuff links.


For the person in your relationship who you want to tell “you’d look good with a bullet to the side of the head”, I suppose.


Probably more true to the concept to just use actual live rounds as gauges…



How obsessed do you have to be to wear something as tacky as this?


it’s not an uncommon thing


any different than wearing a band’s t-shirt?


Huh? I think they are kinda neat. Too big for what looks good in my earlobe otherwise I would probably get a pair and I am in no way a anywhere near being a gun nut… we leave that to @mister44


I suppose it would be a bit taxing to gauge your ears with enough rounds for a full reload…


For the record, I have no gun jewelry. Of course taste is subjective. Some where I have a WWII vintage .50 cal shell that was made into a letter opener I got from my grandmas house when she passed. Oh and I have a cigar punch that looks like a .44 mag cartridge. And I have a spent 30mm case from an A-10 Warthog (which is aluminum and I found out they SAVE these and reload them.)

I have seen people use 12 gauge brass rims for those “gauged” piercings in the ear. If I wore French cuffed shirts, I’d get some cuff links in 44 mag. Then I can look like I am deep in thought while adjusting them.


nice… an actual LOL for you


I had (still have? probably hiding in my junk somewhere) a 20mm casing from an air base tour when I was much younger. Sadly they were unable to fire the gun for us as it wasn’t a testing day but we all got to take home a fired casing.



And easy to make for a moderately skilled metalworker/jeweller.

Easier still with a lathe or at least a drill press or a table-mounted drill on which the cutting can be done.

The Swarowski crystal can be omitted, too, leaving just the dented primer cup in the middle.


the average gun-nut would prefer the dented primer cap.