Bullet earrings

Could be done even non-dented. Take the round, remove bullet, pour out the propellant, save it for experiments later. Heat the casing, explode/burn the primer. Then continue like with a spent casing.

Should try making a set for a friend, she likes such stuff.

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certainly it could be done non-dented… but the point is, well, 1. we’re gun nuts, and 2. it’s cheap to get your material from the local range.

Just this morning I provided the fantastical earring maker 100 sets of .40, 100 sets of 9mm, 28 sets of .380, and 20 sets of .45 and, for the oddball, 10 sets of .410.

(i did happen to take off work today to go to the range… Webber’s in Troy, TX)

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Did we learn nothing from Brandon Lee’s death?

One of the fatal missteps that lead to his death was the false belief that the primers in the emptied shell casings were completely dead, allowing a primer to eject a bullet into the barrel of the revolver being used by the 2nd unit for close ups. That bullet was later propelled by blank into Brandon Lee’s chest during 1st unit shooting as nobody had checked the barrel for obstructions.

The primer has some energy, not much but not insignificant. A hot primer and no propellant can be used with a glue-stick bullet for at-home target shooting. (Use a piece of glue stick as the projectile. Has enough energy to perforate a cardboard, but not much more. There’s a howto somewhere on the internet. No recoil, has to be manually reloaded, but good enough for practice and weapon familiarization.)

…howto found.


From what I understand, they pulled a bullet, poured the power, replaced the bullet but still had a LIVE primer, which later was fired and was enough to propel l a bullet into the barrel and later shot out with a blank.

Shaddack added the step of cooking the primer so it pops off. Once it goes, there ain’t no coming back. This is the really real world.

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IIRC, they poured the powder, then loaded the empty shells into the revolver and fired the primers to make them inert, then replaced the bullets because you can see bullets in a close up of a revolver being “fired”, not knowing that one of the primers was not fully depleted, resulting in a bullet being lodged in the revolver barrel.

Not really wanting to have to clean hot melt glue out of a gun barrel…

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Tetrachloroethylene can dissolve the PVA variant. Didn’t try the other versions yet.

I think you should reconsider. A pair of cufflinks would go swell with your new cosplay…

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Wait, Tetrachloroethylene? Are you taking your guns to the dry cleaners?

Nope, but tried to make a hot-melt paint. The solution was too dilute to have much effect, though. Should try again, though, it was otherwise promising. Maybe if it’d be used as a binder and then a powdered hot-melt glue was sprinkled on top of still-wet layer…

TCE is a good solvent. Degreases surfaces well, can wash off not-cured-yet epoxy, and smells nice.

That isn’t what wiki says:

However, they unknowingly or unintentionally left the live percussion primer in place at the rear of the cartridge. At some point during filming the revolver was apparently discharged with one of these improperly-deactivated cartridges in the chamber, setting off the primer with enough force to drive the bullet partway into the barrel, where it became stuck (a condition known as a squib load). The prop crew either failed to notice this or failed to recognize the significance of this issue.[/quote]

Furthermore I have NEVER heard of a primer going bang twice. I don’t think it is even possible. If this was possible, I don’t think they would reload ammo they way they do, which includes shoving a metal rod to push out the primer. If it were live you run the risk of it going off.

However if they DID do it how you said they did, it IS possible that it didn’t go bang the first time. A light strike or a hard primer or a faulty primer may make it not go bang the first time, but will go bang the 2nd time. Rimfires are notorious for that, though it is much rarer on centerfire cartridges.

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