Bullet bracelets from BB sponsor ShanaLogic!


These are not “bullet bases” as the artist describes. The bullet’s the projectile. These are cartridge bases.


What’s with the bullet fetishism on BoingBoing as of late? I’m all for repurposing things that would otherwise be discarded, but this is hardly subversive. It seems instead to glorify guns.

Looking forward to seeing the bullets fly here. ;^)

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Now you just need an invisible airplane.

Aaaand this thread is now about gun control.

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Perfect for the true-blue american holidays…

How are the two halves joined? Is it only the cord around them holding them in, it looks like maybe it passes through them?

I think it glorifies interesting objects and the creativity to re-purpose junk in beautiful ways. I like it, but see that it would make some uncomfortable. I wonder if art and creativity should strive to make people comfortable? I suppose there are arguments both ways.

I looked at ShanaLogics’s other offerings and they are cool. One is a skull ring, does that glorify death or is it just a skull, or does it symbolize mortality or something else? I am glad it was here, I liked seeing it.

What two halves? The, uhh, “bullet bases” are cartridge cases. The cord’s simply wrapped around the extractor groove.

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I thought it was two bases soldered together or something. An empty case tip would be sharpish - I guess that is where filing comes in. That doesn’t sound comfy if it were at all tight.

The artist’s page calls them bullet cartridge bases.

What’s with all the complaining over the flavor of free ice cream as of late?

If you don’t like it just scroll past it.


I swear - it did NOT when I posted that. Archive.org doesn’t have the page, but that’s a new edit.

ETA: Google cache has it http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:kUZwlEhZZhcJ:www.shanalogic.com/handmade-bullet-bracelet.html

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I assume that by “as of late” you mean “ever since it has existed”.

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Hi there! I’m Shana (the owner of Shana Logic, nice to meet you!) I saw your comment and updated the description immediately – Thanks for the correction Stephen! Hope you guys enjoy the bracelet!!


It’s an awesome bracelet, wrapped in what looks to be Paracord. It’s really clever.

The lettering around the primer is called a “headstamp” and it can indicate the caliber, manufacturer, and specialized purpose of the ammo. It can include, numbers, letters, and symbols.

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thank you so much!!!