Shot glass with a real bullet in it

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Isn’t there some weirdo machismo stunt where folks intentionally swallow real bullets along with their shot of liquor, or did I just see that in some crime noir movie?

ETA, never mind:


It’s a glass that’d been shot. A shot glass. I got it!


Yup. I don’t think anyone does this in real life. It’d be pretty bad for you.

Love “The Crow” though. I rewatch it every few years. Fantastic soundtrack.


I stopped drinking Bulleit because they are assholes.


The perfect gift for the inveterate punster in your life. :slight_smile:


Surely an embedded 7.62mm would signal an even greater devotion to pairing guns and hard liquor; without requiring much change in size…

Gee, ya think?


I had that scenario floating around in my head as soon as I saw the ‘literal shot glass.’

Thanks to a combination of the Mandela Effect, and the fuckery which has been 45’s admin, I had to quickly do some mental searching to figure out if it was some foolishness that I’d actually heard about people doing IRL, or if it was just a crazy scene from a movie.

I’m so glad that for once, it was the later.

Strange days, indeed; when you have to automatically question if something so batshit is actually real.

I love it too.

I’m so long overdue for a rewatch that I think I may just need to buy a copy to own.


Another pretty great film, if you haven’t seen it. Still believably near-future (although the tech at the center of the plot hasn’t materialized yet IRL)


OH shit, I fucking love The Crow. One of the best 90s films ever. Not sure if that is the only movie where people swallow bullets, but it’s the best.

Nah, it would just pass through you… usually. I mean I wouldn’t make a habit of it, but still it isn’t like it would just go off, nor is brass or copper going to kill you. (though if you had a regular lead only bullet, that would leave you open to lead exposure).

I have a penny I swallowed when I was little that is all discolored.

Also, how do they get it to stay like that? Some Epoxy? Or is the glass pinched in enough to keep it in place.

And finally, while neat, I am too cheap to spend more than $5 for a pint glass.


I do too, but it’s hard to watch knowing what happened to the star.

I love Strange Days. But from a physics perspective, the notion of using non-invasive SQUID tech to make a brain interface that realistic is…far fetched would be being polite.


A certain class of rum (or alleged rum) is actually improved with some gunpowder in it. Probably not lead.

I talked briefly with a guy standing just outside the UW, totally excited to be there.
He was excited because he loved Brandon Lee entirely because of The Crow.

Me, I don’t get it.

That bullet is taking up valuable space.


Yes! It’s pretty, but it also leaves less space for liquor. Which is bad.

drinky pouring glasses of cosmos


Don’t get what - The Crow? Here is a review I wrote about it a few years ago.

Hey. I saw a movie. It looks like you guys are doing 90’s movies, so it even fits with your theme for once. So I wanted to watch a film I’d already seen and enjoyed, so I wouldn’t have to think too much about it. I picked something that was one of my favorite films of the 90s, one that fit in perfectly with the dark moodiness of your teenage years. Of course I am talking about The Crow, staring Brandon Lee.

The Crow was based on the indie-comic series by James O’Barr. This was before much of Hollywood realized what a gold mine of creativity exists in comics, and unlike the high selling Batman and Superman characters, The Crow was mostly unknown. (The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also began life as an underground/indie-comic, but with their transformation into a kids’ cartoon is what gained them their huge success.)

So the basic plot is pretty simple - Brandon Lee’s character and girl friend are brutally murdered. A year goes by and Brandon is resurrected. There is a crow which is sort of like his spirit animal, and is his link between the world of the living and the dead. Supposedly in the myth a crow is what takes you to the afterlife and can also bring you back. He is basically undead, doesn’t need to eat or sleep, super strong and fast, and can heal himself from bullet wounds or knives quickly. An angel of death. So Brandon is back and on a mission of revenge, seeking out the 4 gangsters who killed him and his bride-to-be. One by one he picks them off, eventually facing off with the crime boss who ordered the gang to kill them.

Now there are several reasons to like this movie, I’ll just out line a few.

  1. The Mood: A perfect movie for the grunge filled 90s, when the dark, violent movies like Reservoir Dogs and Natural Born Killers were all the rage. No more going back to the future to have a fun day off with the Goonies - life is dark, harsh, and cold. I believe this is supposed to take place in Detroit, but the settings and city models give it a complete look of a dark, wet, hive of scum and villainy.

  2. Story and Dialogue: As I said, the plot was pretty simple, and that’s fine. I don’t mind a well told straight out story. The dialogue is a little campy in some parts, but it has some great lines such as “Victims; aren’t we all?” “Is that gasoline I smell?”

  3. Actors: Other than Ernie Hudson who plays a cop, I wouldn’t say anyone had a really big name coming into this movie. Several of the actors have managed to keep active, but generally in bit roles. Brandon Lee was just starting his career and had had some limited success until this film. Still there are some great character actors in the film and to this day I love to see them pop up in other films. It shows you can have a solid movie with out a Brad Pitt.

  4. Tragic Real Life Death of Brandon Lee: Brandon Lee died during the filming of the movie. It all stemmed from some jackass gun wrangler(s) failing at their job. When you shoot a gun in the movies, they fire blank rounds. They have a primer (which is what ignites the powder), and powder, with the end crimped off and no lead or metal bullet. This will let the gun go “bang” and sometimes produce a muzzle flash. For close up shots they might use “dummy” rounds, these LOOK like real bullets, and have the lead tip that would normally shoot out, but there is no primer or powder.

Evidently what happened is they had some dummy bullets for a close up scene. The bullets were in a revolver, so you can see the ends of the bullets in the close up. BUT - instead of using normal dummy rounds, they pulled live rounds, took out the powder, and replaced the bullet. The primers were still live.

At one point the gun was fired, but with just a primer the bullet wouldn’t have made it out of the barrel, and became what is known as a squib round, lodged in the barrel. Then the dummies were replaced with blank rounds. Remember these rounds have the powder and primers, but no bullets. But with the squib round now in the barrel the powder blast from the blank would have propelled the bullet at normal speed, striking Brandon Lee in the abdomen, which caused to die later at the hospital.

So sort of like with Heath Ledger, there is this bittersweet emotion of enjoying a great performance, but also knowing it was their last.

  1. The Action: Brandon Lee is Bruce Lee’s son, and he too had some moves like his daddy. And like Bruce, he had charisma and looked good when he was doing it.

  2. The Soundtrack: Probably one of the best movie soundtracks of all time, just about every song on there is great. It completely adds to the films mood. While there are several little known bands, there are some big names like NIN, The Cure, Violent Femmes, and Pantera. My personal favorite is “After the Flesh”, by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. It is the band playing down stairs in the scene when The Crow kills all of the gangsters. I am sure more than one person has found a new band they liked from their exposure to this sound track.

So there you have it - solid, a bit nostalgic, and great looking/feeling. I give it 5 out of 5 corvids.


I remember reading a blog post a while back, where the author puts forth the notion that the Crow is secretly a Highlander movie. It was a fun read.

Found it!

Though I don’t know where she stands on shot glasses with bullets in them. She likes guns, so it’s possible she’d like this one. (See? I can too stay on topic, more or less. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Nah, all style.

Man, if you can tell the difference between a 7.62x51mm bullet and the .308 mentioned in the article, you’re way better than I am. (or am I missing a point of sarcasm?)

Actually they use the same bullets (though both rounds can have different weights/sizes/kinds of bullets), and the exterior case dimension are the same. It is the pressure ratings that are different, and there can be variance in interior case dimensions (wall thickness). Similar with 5.56mm and .223. Has to do with one being the SAAMI specs and standards vs the military specs and standards, IIRC.

ETA - you need to grind more on Brave Evius :wink: