Watch a guided sniper bullet hit its target

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The weapon is so accurate and easy-to-use that evidently first time users can hit moving targets at distance.

What could possibly go wrong…


"With the replay button, another Zorg innovation, it’s even easier, one shot… and replay sends every following shot to the same location. - Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, c2257 or 2259 or 2263 *Source: see MentalFloss #8

Source: Film, The Fifth Element, 1997, clip found on Youtube and posted by user Charles’ Fav Movie Clips, 2017 02 09

“Jack look at this.The back half is all solid propellant. There are different valves for directional control. The nose, it’s all electronic. You’ve heard of a bullet that has your name on it? Well this one really does and you can program it to go after a certain person.” - K.C.?

Source: Film Runaway, 1984. , clip found on Youtube, posted by HeatSeekingBullet” on 2011 03 31, perhaps posted by an actual heat seeking bullet.


Cool… in that sort of fascist dystopian way.


Just think of all the pain, suffering, and hunger this technology will eventually relieve for all Americans.


So, Dark Footage swiped this from a 1984 film? :thinking:


The dividing line between “ammunition” and “drone” is going to get thinner and thinner…


came here for the Runaway references.


I swear I saw a video about this two or three years ago. Oh, it says 2015 in the video. Did they develop it past the prototypes?

Also, you can’t really ensure 100% accuracy in rain, Depends how many raindrops hit it on the way to the target. It wouldn’t seem like a raindrop would deflect a bullet, but it does.


I feel like someone should check on the young gentleman who narrated the video. Make sure he’s ok not under too much stress.


I totally missed that in the video Dark Footage posted. It looks to me like they pulled it from the movie. Fair use?

Regardless, such a cool prop. Back when I played RPGs, I had a character that made a bullet like this. Scary how these things could be very real soon. I’m hoping that we can collectively regulate such deadly munitions, because this coupled with a drone could make anybody an accurate and near unfindable deadly assassin.


Yeah, the clearly swiped that image from a photo search or screen grab. They showed the real bullet with fins. It doesn’t look anything like that sci-fi thing.


I think this would be able to compensate the bullets flight/path for that like I think that’s the point.

Forensics are going to get harder.

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Seems that way, although I imagine that advancements can also be made with drone tech. An advanced drone could detect a fast approaching guided bullet… and the bullet’s long distance application means additional time for the drone to react. And there’s no reason why such a drone could not achieve some last second lateral movement and evade the bullet.

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Right. But surely there are only so many corrections it can do in X amount of time. A drop towards the end of the flight could knock if off course. But, yeah, it is a neat tech. Wonder how practical it will end up being.

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I think the YT said it can adjust 30x a second? I may be misremembering.


Fancy. You think ammo is expensive now.


“Well, that was fun. Let’s pack it up and head home.”


I imagine the additional surety is worth it to the folks willing to pay for such ammo to be employed.


Ironically - I believe they are using those weapon mounted lasers to guide it in, and lasers of a certain power civilians can’t own. Or maybe they can with extra paperwork. But like the IR laser you see on M4s and such, you can’t get a real one. You can get at best one that looks like a real one, but significantly under-powered.

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