A bullet with your deceased loved one's name on it


This is why when I travel abroad I tell people I’m Canadian.


It could only be nicer if by some chance your deceased loved-one was shot and you managed to get the actual casing of the bullet that killed them. Would that be touching or what…

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I just tell people I’m a refugee.


Nicer still is if your loved one suffered from lycanthropy and the bullet is silver.


One could only dream of such glory. Sigh

About as weird as having your deceased processed into a gigantic synthetic gemstone to wear around town. Of course that too is only just a little more weird than incinerating one’s deceased relatives, though usually the portability conferred by vaporizing the majority of mass and volume makes DIY disposal of the rest much easier… like by stuffing a bit of that ash into a handgun cartridge.

I still think it would be creepier if they were still alive.


Brazing loops onto the bullets is really hard, I gave up after my first few tries.

Apart from the fact that it’s the shell casing and not the bullet, I want to know if I can get some actual bullets with “Hang up and drive!” engraved on them.

Sooo - basically “Stop liking what I don’t like”?

If you enjoyed shooting with your dad this might be a nice memento. Or they sell them with no engraving just as a neat jewelry piece.


Some peoples taste is all in their mouths.

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If you buy one of the black ones, they’ll custom engrave it for $15 a side, on top of what the bullet/cartridge costs.

Fucking stupid idea

Why is it stupid?

That about sums it up.

But while we’re making lists of things other people like that I don’t like: I don’t like that font.

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Could you get your own name on the bullet, thereby rendering you invincible to all other guns?


At least it isn’t comic sans?

I’m going to say because it looks like the sort of thing that people would want to wear all the time in remembrance of a loved one, and it would get taken off of them the first time they tried to fly anywhere.

Eh… yeah… considering people can go years - or whole lives - before getting on a plane, I don’t think that’s a big deal.