What to do in an emergency


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What a great way to wake up to a Monday, with great big belly laugh. Thanks boingboing. No one could possibly be disappointed in you today.


TIL what the sound of a thousand tortured souls is like.


Meh! Who has the time to wait for the police to arrive? Just buy them a Beretta Pico, so they are ready when the bad guys show up.

Is it a fire emergency? Get them some fire grenades for that contingency:


“Sir, people are complaining that the Gates of Hell we sold them only open up portals to local fire departments.:”

“Hmm, seems we put in the wrong component.”

“So where did all the Gates to Hell components go to?”

some where in Ohio

“Bow to down, little one. Worship me and I’ll give you everything you desire!”


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Reminds me of:

Geez, it even has a name that sounds like a children’s toy.


It’s Spanish for “little bit”. Not sure if it means the same thing in Italian or not, but they have a lot of similar words. (Baretta is Italian).


I’m getting a definite GLaDOS vibe off that Coke machine…


Can’t be bothered to watch the second video, but can someone just say where Max Headroom was taking the coke machine?


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