Boltwell B*10 Must Haves Emergency Kit

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Is the TP perfumed, and is the Temp-O-Crapper biodegradable?

While you’re cashing in on peoples fears don’t forget the bucket of potato soup!

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Where’s the morphine?

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Yes you to can own this pile of crap of valued at $20 for the low BoingBoing store price of $79,99.

My god these deals are so embarassing and are really tarnishing BoingBoing.

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Would you say that you’re disappointed in BB?


Just wait a while, and maybe they’ll offer it for 97% off. :satisfied:


At this point who isn’t?

Luckily, you can currently get Polish-O from the boing boing store at 90% off - just $22.99! Promises to buff out tarnish and cover up the smell of cheap cash-ins. And if you buy now, you can get aeronet - the compressed air Ethernet cleaner - FREE! Just spray it in your phone socket and the dust that’s slowing down your broadband will be pushed out into a special bin at AT&T…

Let’s do the math! I searched Amazon; there are probably cheaper places for all these things. (SemiotixCorp LLC does not use referrer links, and passes the savings on to you.)

“Multitool” amounting to a small Swiss Army knife plus pliers: $3.99
Waterproof matches, unspecified quantity: $2.30
First Aid manual: free, from a million online sources
“micro first aid pouch:” $4.47
Nalgene water bottle (small): $1.89
“water particle filter,” which appears to mean a wire strainer to filter out macroscopic debris: $1.69
water purification tablets: matching the brand, $8.49, but the same thing can be had for $3.95 and in much higher quantity
crankable radio that will charge other devices: $9.95
whistle: $1.47
“disposable toilet bag:” $1.50, plus it comes with a free clip-on leash dispenser!

So for $31.21 you could get all these things (some of them in much greater quantities). Probably less, if you were more aggressive about searching out Amazon deals than I was. Of course, most of these are common household items that you probably already have in abundance anyway. So yeah.

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No hatchet? No crowbar? Should have something sturdy and strong like that you can smash, pry, or chop things with. And yeah, this kit is way overpriced.

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