Beautiful Japanese "minimalist survival kit" that fits in a tube you wear on your back


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It is very pretty.

But how do you get the whistle out if you’re trapped under a building?


I like the American version better;


The point of distributed preparation is so that folks who are uninjured – or moderately injured – can take care of themselves and ease the burden on emergency services to help the injured and unprepared.

I prep (to the extent a suburbanite is much prepped) mostly because I really, really, really hate waiting in lines. I don’t want to have to go down to a distribution center to keep the family fed and clothed.


Minimal survival is what you will get done with this. Almost all useless crap. Bout the only useful thing is the radio/charger but the design there is obviously very breakable, form over function. The one I keep in my disaster box has a good solid large crank and is made so your hands dont get all cramped up using it.


What no Yakisoba?


If only I had a :heart: to give you!


A miniature Bento Box would do as well.


that is a lot of packaging for a whistle.


“…a whistle to alert others of one’s presence, a radio, raincoat, lantern, drinking water and a plastic case…”

In other words, “stuff you have lying around the house already that will fit in the day pack or shoulder bag you are already carrying, except that you have to disassemble the entire kit to use one item and no broken component can be replaced independently”.

edited to add: “…and which will bring you freedom and joy.”


so we all agree that anyone caught wearing one of these in a survival situation is going to be eaten first?


My survival kit includes a knife and a titanium spork.

Just saying.


I spent a whole summer when I was a kid figuring out how to whistle really loud. That was not a wasted summer after all!


Something to cheer you up during the apocalypse:


It’s pretty, but I’ve never seen a crank radio or light that was worth a damn. You can get the same functionality with various parts and a small tote bag.
*Sony AM/FM pocket radio,
*Packable poncho (or emergency plastic one, but those tend to not have the warmth of a more robust poncho)
*AA LED flashlight
*A pack or 8 AA Batteries (replace every 5 years)
*a couple bandaids, some emergency medicines, tape and gauze
*Water bottle

You can put this together with stuff around the house, or spend some money and buy it all off of Amazon. I’d add a beanie to keep my head warm, a space blanket in case I get stuck overnight, some napkins for hygiene, and a USB battery pack so I can recharge my phone. If you are worried about cost or space, it can replace the AM/FM radio, as a SMS device is much more useful then a passive radio. If you are crafty, I’d bet you could pack all of this into a jacket, and carry the waterbottle.

Here in earthquake country, I think a bit about survival kits/supplies. Both in my home and when I’m out. A kit like this is there to get you home (or to the evacuation center/shelter) from work, school or wherever you might be. You don’t need food (Diabetics may vary), and you don’t need a whole lot of supplies. If you commute long distances without a car, you may want to put together a small backpack with a little more stuff (and a pair of good walking shoes) to leave at work. If you commute long distances with a car, use your trunk to hold a small kit. It doesn’t need to be ultra awesome tactical or camping gear. It doesn’t need to solve every problem ever. It just needs to help you be more comfortable and get back to your loved ones.

Stay dry, stay warm, stay hydrated. Get home for the rest.


Depends on what kind of emergency you’re expecting.



Welcome to Japan!


I prefer this Japanese emergency kit that you wear on your back:


Fig a. - Beautiful Japanese “minimalist survival kit” that fits in a tube you wear on your back