Beautiful Japanese "minimalist survival kit" that fits in a tube you wear on your back

Eeeeh, anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough.

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“The more you know, the less you need.”
— Cody Lundin

Urban version

Outdoors/rural version

Deep respect for the folks who run Tracker School. I took one short course taught by a man who, in order to get certified to teach, lived in the New Jersey Pine Barrens for one full year alone, for his Tracker School final exam.

Learn from one of their teachers IRL:

Minimalist kits that fit in a tube are cool-looking, but as several commenters here have mentioned, flimsy gear is not reliable or desirable in a survival situation. My everyday carry includes either a Gerber or a Swiss Army Knife…

… small enough that doesn’t weigh me down too much. I suppose having extra water never hurts. Water bottles can be beautiful and minimal, plenty of options for the fashion-conscious urbanite.

Here’s one big piece that should be in everyone’s kit, and it takes zero physical space at all: a plan to check in on and meet up with family/friends. Confer, make it as simple as possible to follow, set it up now, so if communications systems go down, you all know the plan and stick to it. And have a Plan B.

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Gear Pods ( are customisable and contain real survival gear.

This is pretty but don’t expect to survive much - it doesn’t even have the basics covered.

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