Don’t be that friend at the music festival—be the festival mom with this survival kit instead

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Actual festival survival kit: extra drugs, wellington boots, spare socks, one of those emergency plastic raincoat thingummies, money belt.


I know, right? Don’t forget refillable water bottle, tissues (mostly for toilet paper use), sunscreen, small Swiss Army-type knife, and trail mix.


Good point. Of course, the minimalist version is simply extra drugs + money belt.


Just ‘extra drugs’ can be turned into whatever else you might need :slight_smile:


I would add a clock. if you’re with a group of persons the best way to relocate each other is something along the line “if we’re getting lost we’ll meet us at $place at the next full hour”

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Everybody brings drugs. But anybody got any Veras?

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No spare bog rolls?

Opiates. Shit when you get home. Cuts the jitters from the stims too. Cuts em juuuust fine.

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My list adds musicians earplugs and ibuprofen. :laughing:

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Will say the Zerolemon battery is fantastic. Not sure the solar panel actually produces any meaningful amount of charge, though… Hard to tell with such a huge capacity to start with.

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