Don't be caught dead on any road trip without these essentials


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actually enabling the use of your shiny distractions a good way to become dead on a road trip?


Don’t be caught dead on any road trip without these essentials

Yeah, I don’t particularly want to be caught dead on any road trip, regardless of the gizmos I’m carrying.


Orwell’s First Rule: Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

This headline demonstrates why.


The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount keeps our phone out of our hands and in our line of sight—helping us avoid all those pesky traffic tickets while still being able to look at the GPS. It attaches to our dashboard

Do you guys all drive round in a bus or something, like the “Mystery Machine”?




The three essentials for any road trip?

  1. Crushing your enemies.
  2. Seeing them driven before you.
  3. Hearing the lam…

Wait, where are we going?


gadgetry charger pluggable doodads ?? no way man


I always wear inflatable underwear* while traveling, just in case I’m caught dead on a road-trip. You never know.

* available exclusively from the Fearmonger’s Shoppe


Eddible/inflatable, close enough.


I think that calls for that “why not both?” gif!


That’s genius, but what if I crash into a lake, and then suddenly get hungry? What will save me then?


Assuming there’s fish in the lake, sashimi.


I’m live-blogging that event.


Worse yet, your battery is dying…


@funruly - gosh, wouldn’t this be a great time to own a hand-crank lantern?


You forgot the urinal


Would you kindly add this to your wish list?


I’ll try not to be caught dead, ever, thanks