10 automotive gadgets no road trip is complete without

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Another boingboing shop post that advertises another dehumidifying humidifier.


On the TripWipes, remember the germ motto: “That which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.”

That Hudway display would be much improved if it could BT to a phone app and cast its own display. No way I’m giving up access to phone controls or easy visuals for Waze data by putting it in up the tray. Not to mention the massive amount of excess heat on the phone out on the dash. D:

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Warning: If you install all 10 gadgets at once, you’ll turn into a rideshare driver.


Seriously, fuck this shit!

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The funny thing is that this particular product just a parabolic reflective translucent surface that mounts on your dash and reflects back your phone screen to you.

I actually think it’s kinda cool looking, but not at $50.

Still have a completely useless CD slot in your car? Use it as a phone mount:

I have one of these, and it works really well. I also liked the magnetic mount, but it requires you to put a metal plate inside the case behind the phone, making wireless charging impossible. If you don’t use a wireless charger, then get the magnetic mount.

A jack would be nice. Yes. Definitely.

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And an emergency gas can.
I just bought a second jack for my Prius. Picked up a gruesome nail, and had to change the tire. Took off the back and installed the doughnut just fine.
But the weight distribution made it impossible to change the front. I’d get it up, and it would just start leaning back until the jack tilted and slipped. I had to get a second jack, elevate a little on the first, then elevate on the second, then back to the first, etc. Pain. Had I been out on my own and not at work where I could get a second jack, I’d have been hosed.

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Curious as to how that inverter supplies 200W (400W peak) when a lighter jack (that it plugs into) is fused at 120W. Unless newer cars are fused higher, I call bullshit. (This says 180W, I know mine is 120 - https://www.nonda.co/blogs/news/134861575-understanding-common-car-charger-specs)

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No road trip is truely complete without one or two emergency bogrolls.

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My 2012 truck has a 15A fuse for the 12V outlet, so 180W for me.

Apart from actual car accidents, the biggest threat to the occupants of a car (apart from what they’re doing to the planet) is the shit they breathe in, including diesel fumes.
I bought one of these after being stuck behind an old diesel van in a traffic holdup. Pretty expensive but I thought my health justified the expense…

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