Five road trip essentials from the Boing Boing Store

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I must have different definitions for both road trip and essential.


this really seems like a list of road trip essentials from people essentially incapable of taking a road trip.


For b0ing b0ing road trip essentials, I expected the Cat Litter Scoop of Cadillacs.


Air purifier? Isn’t that what the window does?

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I have seen that “car plug-in air purifier” somewhere else before:

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Swag (AKA bivvy sack)
  3. Cooker
  4. Food
  5. Water

On my road trips all I need is my StatGear Rescue Knife to cut through literally any problem. Well, that and a stainless steel taco stand. Road trip tacos with one of those beauties bring ultimate taco spiritual fulfilment.

Essentials? Where’s the empty milk jug urinal & funnel for the lady?

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