First 100 pages of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service files


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It looks like it took them that long to figure out the photo copier. Is there some nefarious reason all the copies are crooked?

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Analysis from Kevin Poulsen? No, thank you.


I assume that it’s one of the less dramatic symptoms of “FOIA means we have to release; but not that we can’t be assholes about it.” syndrome.


that’s what i suspect.

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SAIC is “mysterious”? First time I’ve heard that. Granted, I don’t know much about their work for the secret service, but at the National Institutes of Health, a large portion of the researchers and computational staff are technically on contract from SAIC because it is very hard for labs to get the approval to hire people directly even though hiring through a contractor ultimately costs more in the long run.

Here is another reason behind it. I might just be making this up, but… If it was released straight it would make it easier to OCR the documents and then put them in a digital database for easier search. If they released the actual digital records (not a copy of them) it would be easier to index skim and read.

Also, the people who are in charge of FOIA are probably not given the best, fastest and latest models of anything. FOIA grunt, “This shit has to be done by hand! It will take months to copy it all! It will cost a lot of money to do it this way!” FOIA Boss, “Exactly. Now you are beginning to understand how we can true the FOIA section into a Profit center!”

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SAIC will do just about any sort of government work, if it pays well; but is primarily a defense and intelligence contractor. And a very quiet one, given its size.

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Massive? Yeah, SAIC is big (though will be smaller now that it’s splitting into 2). But it’s certainly not private (NYSE: SAI). Maybe you’re thinking of Bechtel?

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I don’t the outrage.

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