First case of female-to-male sexually-transmitted Zika reported, in NYC

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I just got back from Guatemala a couple of days ago. I went exploring around the jungle while I was there without bug repellent and I’m pretty sure I got Zika. I felt sick for a couple of days, fever, vomited a few times the worst night, got a rash. It only lasted a few days now I’m fine. The danger to developing fetuses is serious, but other than that it’s a mild flu.


The only other thing they’ve been worried about has been a spike in Guillain-barre syndrome, too:

That sucks though, but I’m glad it was so mild for you.


What a nightmare. I lived for a while in a tiny town with, I think, four cases, which is completely off the scale for such a rare disease. I don’t want to imagine what happens if Zika begets GBS and they both become widespread.


I’m glad the USA is taking such a proactive approach against Zika


American exceptionalism won’t protect you

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You’ve never seen such a nation of hypochondriacs! I mean I’m all for taking sensible precautions, but Americans are incredibly bad at risk assessment.


People are incredibly bad at risk assessment.

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