Zika hits the US military: 33 service members now have virus, says Pentagon

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/03/zika-hits-the-us-military-33.html

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“Weak Obama lets them over border! Crooked Hillary no plan to defeat Zika! Sad! Only I will bomb all the Zika and take oil strongly, believe me!” ~ Donald Trump, Twitter


As Zika impacts more Americans and spreads through the US, it’ll be interesting to see what it does to the abortion debate…


This is one of those comments I appreciate but just can’t “like”


Yeah, it’s a pretty awful reason that the debate will move to the forefront, but let’s face it - the South, i.e the Bible belt, is going to be hit hard, and a socio-economic cross-section of society is going to suddenly have reasons to get abortions. (And the “good” kind of abortions that Republicans can mostly get behind, no less.)


The cost of accommodating millions of microcephaly sufferers will be crippling!

I’ve got zika right now (fortunately I am not pregnant). Anecdotal evidence suggests, that as I’ve been in the tropics for 25 years and it is the first mosquito infection I’ve caught, it would seem to transmit very readily.


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