U.S. military official: Ebola could spread into Central and South America, and from there North


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Zombies currently amidst us, sowing fear, is the greatest threat.


Well, as long as week can keep the UN peacekeepers away from Haiti they should be OK on this one…

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Those who desire war probably like the threat of ebola spreading and making people even more afraid than they already are. All the more reason to ask daddy to protect us, no matter the cost.


And Gen. Kelly has what kind of medical training now?


Pretty sure he got an online degree via Assfax College.


Someone wants to play with their nuclear weapons. Hey - that guy in El Salvador has a fever. Quick decontaminate with a Nuke!

Okay, so Limbugh seems to have levelled up in crazy. I thought he was at the cap already.


…they will try to get to the United States for treatment.

Costa Rica is one Central American nation that has a health care system far superior to ours. I don’t know about the other nations, but fleeing to the US for healthcare is a bit like going to Germany for the comedy clubs.


That the U.S. Military is considering what the consequences of a spread of Ebola to Central and South America might be is a good idea. The whole point of having a general staff is to come up with plans for all kinds of situations - plans that everyone hopes will not be needed, but will be available as a starting point IF such a terrible event transpires.

But Rush Limbaugh doesn’t count as a planner - nor do the rest of the fear-monging politicians,reporters entertainers, religious leaders hate mongers, etc. out there.

Frankly, I think that we ARE being complacent about Ebola - and the TSA’s screening is just more of the usual kind of security theater we’ve come to expect of the TSA. I think we’re being complacent because we’re NOT discussing how to quarantine people - how to help and support them, etc. With an extreme amount of luck, there won’t be any need to quarantine people. With just a little bit of luck, we’ll end up quarantining a lot of people who won’t become infected - but those people and their families will need support during the three week quarantine period and I’m not hearing any discussion about THAT.

The blundering with the Dallas Ebola patient has given our medical facilities a wake-up call, with useful criticism of procedures that I’m confident will be applied. But I’m less confident of our Public Health response, and I’m not hearing much that’s useful for the general public other than reassurances that things aren’t as bad as the fear-mongers say (which may be correct for now, but doesn’t help for responding should things get out-of-hand.)


Limbaugh is so behind the times. The black liberation theology nuts are too busy worrying that Ebola is a racial bioweapon of the ice-people to be giddy about America’s ebola chickens coming home to roost. Almost all of the people secretly cheering on Ebola are zero-population-growth advocates. Well, except of course for the ice-people who are just secretly happy because they know it will preferentially kill the sun-people.

OMG! Immigrants!

It already hit USA with Eric Duncan (RIP)! :frowning:

Or you know, it could just come directly here on an airplane, from an endemic area, like it already has…

Hard to recreate the scenes from World War Z against whatever wall that was if it is only someone on an airplane.

Seriously though - while it may be prudent to plan being alarmist does not help

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