First-ever Tor node in a Canadian library

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Tor node

Must be French speaking Canada. In English we spell it T-O-R-N-A-D-O.


This is Vanderbilt University’s Eskind Biomedical Library. I’ve occasionally wondered whether all that glass was a good idea. Of course when it was first built the idea of a tornado touching down in the area was ridiculous, but I worked in a building less than half a mile away and will never forget 1998 when I watched a tornado form from the office windows.


No kidding. I love a library with an open feel and lots of natural light, but that’s not much protection in the event of any number of natural disasters.

It’s not really about the open feel. It’s about initial cost. Those glass walls are now far cheaper to build than using traditional materials.

They’re building glass-wall condo towers here in Winnipeg, advertising to the gullible that somehow this is a Really Good Feature. Even the bedrooms have full-width floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the local office towers. The name “Glasshouse” for one of the towers should be a hint.

In Toronto where they’ve had them for a while - in much milder weather conditions - condo residents in a couple buildings have all had to pitch in to have their towers re-clad at enormous expense. The krypton and argon and whatever they put between the panes to control temperature only lasts for a few years. The seals between the massive panes start leaking after a few years because their sheer size means that they get pushed and flexed more.

But they have lower up-front cost, and that’s all that people look at when the building is still just a PowerPoint presentation.


That is AMAZING advice / knowledge!

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