NH bill would explicitly allow libraries to run Tor exit nodes

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On occasion, I find ways to be proud of my state.


##Viva La Libraries!


Librarians are the (nearly) unknown heroes of the modern age, and just about every age before.

If a book gets banned somewhere, you can bet a librarian will tuck away a copy somewhere, for better days.

Also, librarians are hot.


Tor exit nodes!

What an illuminating phrase that isn’t. :wine_glass:

Still good news though since my dear digital friend @shaddack will agree with me that engineers can’t define social justice generally let alone practice it. Because of philosophy!! :wink:

Oh, wait. Librarians did it? Never mind.

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The library is in Lebanon, NH (actually West Lebanon, a village of Lebanon). It’s called the Kilton Public Library.


Seems impossible in the current climate, but bravo!

Looks like NH has over 200 public libraries. Not sure it the new bill covers school libraries too, but NH has over 400 public schools. How many of these do you think can be convinced to take advantage of the new law?

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However, as the local news coverage notes, there’s nothing in state law that outlaws libraries from using Tor or anything like it, so the bill was described as unnecessary and redundant by some folks. Its future is uncertain, not necessary because of “don’t help the terrorists” paranoia, but because of “we don’t like unnecessary legislation” thinking.


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